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Hi billy bluenose,the moonlight is close to pretty petals.Not very good at directing but if you stand infront of pretty petals with the garden on your left hand side,follow the pathway as if you was heading to the beach,as you come to a pathway that is straight the moonlight is further down on the right hand side.Never stayed in their guesthouse but we eat in the restaurant aech time we go.If you like baileys,theresa makes her own its to die for,the food is good also,theresa and santana are really nice people and its nice and quiet there,we keep saying we must have a look at the rooms,also antonios next door,think antonio is santanas brother.As i say not very good at giving directions but hope this is of help,let me know if you book the moonlight,what do they charge per room bet its not a bad price.Hope you get booked in,Denham.
billy bluenose wrote:
Hi folks, got flights booked up with Qatar last week to return to Candolim next March.
Been having a wee look round for accommodation and got 1 or 2 quotes in. The one that i like
the look of is the Moonlight guesthouse/resturaunt. Anyone stayed here recently ?
I always go looking for hidden away guesthouses whilst in Goa but i dont think ive come across this one,
anyone know how you get too it. Ive been around by Pretty Petals but cant remember seeing the Moonlight.
Any info would be most helpfully.

Cheers Alan :cheers

Alan Denhams directions are spot on,We have known Santana and Theresa for over 20 years ,We stay just round the corner,his new appartments
over the restauraunt are very nice,,although he also has rooms in his house which are ok for a single person and just a few nights. Brother Johns
also has nice apartments along side Santanas .Nice area and near to beach and main Candolin road. We have lived in this area since 1990 and still love it. :tup :tup
Hi Split,you stay in the moonlights new apartments,where abouts are they and what does it cost per night for 2 adults in a room with a/c.We normally book a package with thomas cook staying at the sunset beach and are thinking of trying a diy booking ourselves for xmas 2012.Would be interested in prices for new apartments,they must be nice if you keep using them each season.Then its just the problem of getting flights to marry up with the apartment booking.Thanks Denham :tup
No denham,never stayed there ourselves but know many friends who do and have done,we just live in the same local village .and walk past most days.
dont know his room rates im afraid :cheers
Hi Split,sorry must have missread your post.When we go this new year we will have a look at the rooms and check prices. :cheers Denham.
No worries denham,his newest apartments are above his restaurant :tup .
Thanks folks, i think you might have just sold them to me, especially where the baileys are concerned
with my mrs :cheers Denham,i was quoted 1200 rps per night with a/c fridge and tv. Dont know if this
was for one of the new rooms or not. If your going this xmas have a wee nosey at the rooms if your round
that way. Were going in March but my son has been at me to go back for xmas 2012. He went with us at
xmas 2009 and loved it so much that he wants to go back with his girlfriend.
That will be getting discussed over the turkey this year. :glynis
Will look out for you passing Split if we book up.
Thanks again folks
Hi All

Can someone let me know where the Moonlight Guest house is please, it sounds and looks a nice place.

The Preacher :tup
as far as I can tell,,,,, go down towards the beach and turn right at the silver sands/teama. Continue on that road for a bit and the moonlight is up one the turnings on the right.
We looked around the apartments a couple of years ago and they are fine. The food at the Moonlight is good and it's well located. :tup
Hi We are sorted for this year staying at Regal Beach Resort ...which is at the back of Chandras ....but for reasons I wont go into we will be looking for somewhere new for the end of the year and for next Feb. Ive stayed in Candolim for the past 4 yrs and have no idea where this place is........can someone please give me directions from Chandras or from the football pitch or anywhere on the main road .so I can show it my friend.....MANY THANKS :wave:
from the football pitch , go towards NEWTONS, turn right down Holiday street, go down there until TEAMAS and car park, turn right, past SILVER SANDS, round the bends, and the Moonlight is up one of the little lanes on the right.
Not sure exactly which one, but if you imagine the square area behind the football pitch and rising waves, Pretty petals etc you are in the right area.

I suppose you could also go down the side of Rising waves, next to the football pitch, and be in the same area.

ALL THE ABOVE..........is a best guess!!
Thank you its written down in my little red book.... :D .Liz
(hold on, you've got a little red book? I'll give you my phone no, you never know) :)
If I remember rightly its the first turning on the right after Silver Sands if its in 'Pretty Petals' lane, Ava Maria Guesthouse is up there too, almost opposite Moonlight. Its a great location :)

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