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I agree with Millym - re-cycled air on the planes. Few years ago we came back from Thailand and few days later O.H. was really ill. NEVER has respiratory problems - but this was right in the middle of the SARS epidemic! Went to hospital and admitted immediately and in isolation. After tests they said it was viral pneumonia. He was so weak he couldn't stand!
We have just spent 7 months in Goa and my husband - who is never usually ill - has spent more money on medicine and hospitals than on food!! He felt so ill about 6 weeks ago he went to the Vrundavan Hospital again (first time he went he had shingles) and after exhaustive tests was told he had Bronchitis. It has not really gone away but hopefully it will go now we are not in such a polluted environment. (Not UK)
Speaking of Vrundavan Hospital - it has to be the best one we have been to in Goa - very efficient and good staff - the food is also good in the canteen. It is on the NH17A Bypass - the main road going out of Mapusa (towards Mumbai).
millym is right, a pilot once told me that it was a more healthy
enviroment in the plane when smoking was allowed on flights,
then there was no recycling of air because of the smoke.
all we want is fresh air,but airlines save a few pounds by recycling
and not giving us fresh air.
I agree with milly since they banned smoking on flights (I don't smoke) they no longer have to bring 'clean' air in its the same air (and germs) being circulated the whole time you are on the plane! Far nicer to blame the airlines .......
We were in Goa on Feb 2017. Our 5 yo son developed cough since the second day of staying in cocohut on the beach. In first moment we though it is problem of big temp difference between day and night. We do not use aircon. The day temperature is so high that we were sleeping almost naked. And during the night the temperature goes down to 16 Celsius. However we came back to Poland and our little one is still coughing. Sometimes more, sometimes less but it is almost one year later and he is still coughing. I have heard about a lot of people coughing after Goan holiday. Usually doctors in Europe are not able to find the reason. In my opinion the problem is in the dirty water on the coast. You know, a lot of cows are defecating on the beach and there is a lot of communal dirt in the sand. The water in Arab Sea seems to be grey-dirty as well. Waves are still mixing beach sand and creating dangerous aerosol and we are breathing that. I had an idea to clean my nose with salty sea water in Goa. The result was I developed purulent inflammation in my sinuses.
That sounds awful. A whole year with a cough?
I have been a few times to Goa but I think it' s the only place I can say that I have spent time on the beach but never gone into the sea.
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