We had 5 nights in New York. We stayed at Premier Times Square by Millenium. I got that for a good price, considering we were one minute walk from Times Square. It was quite a big room with a settee. Good a/c unit which kept the room cosy. The hotel does a 2 hour wine and nibbles every night and the wine was lovely. Surprisingly, the lounge was almost always near empty. Not sure that would happen in the Uk! No we didn't stay for the 2 hours :)
The weather was better than expected for February- absolutely bitterly cold but only one day of rain and snow. The rest of the time was blue skies and possibilities of getting frostbite! Ok I am exaggerating a bit- apart from the rain and snow day! We did the usual things. Hop on/off bus was good so that you could get a heat before venturing out again. One hing we did which was away from the usual site seeing was the Manhatten Sunday Jazz brunch cruise. Have to say it was brilliant value. The buffet was much better than I had expected. It boasts of bottomless mimosas and I had imagined it would be weak and pre prepared. No- we got the bottle of champagne and orange in a different bottle. Somehow we managed to get through 2 bottles of champagne and I got the name muddled up and called them samosas :cheers No idea why- probably jet lag! The jazz group were brilliant. We pbviously sailed past the Statue of Liberty.
We did 2 shows, which I loved. Kinky Boots and Jersey Boys. I had avoided Jersey Boys since we saw it on Las Vegas and it had been brilliant. LV still had the better singers but I loved the way the show was slightly different with more references to Jersey. Kinky Boots - a real feel good musical.
The Freedom Tower is impressive and the memorial garden thought provoking. We went to the museum where there is the few precious remainders of the Towers but they concentrated upon the Twin Towers before and the building of the Freedom Tower after. Nowhere was there video or photos of the impact moment- which was good. The room with all the photos of those who had died was really emotional.
We went to Ellis island but needed more time than we had as there was loads to see and all very interesting. Will see it next time.
I just enjoyed walking round the streets and taking it all in. A positive about February was no waiting time for anything. Empire State Building- straight up with no queues.
Macys - we did this on our last day. OH is probably glad!! Mind you he did love the price of jeans there. I just liked my designer bags!
Would we go back- definitely! But would pick a time of year when it will be a bit warmer!!