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Hi Clarissa,that was a fantastic report! me and my girlfriend are off to New York on march 12th for 7 nights and as she is irish we are taking in St Patricks day which should be great! anyway great tips,we have booked a greeter but as yet have not heard back from them and we booked it about 3 weeks ago,thanks greatly once again cheers Mark.
Hi its me again! i just wanted to know which sights you booked before you travelled to New York? cheers Mark.
Great report, Clarissa. Really enjoyed reading it.

You filled your time really well, did you actually get time to sleep?

How much was a greeter and where do you find out about them?
We were considering a stopover next time we go to Vegas, but I am not sure about it yet.
Mark, you will have a fantastic time :D . We were contacted by the greeter program about a month before we were booked for, they gave me Chucks phone number and said to contact him as soon as we got to the hotel. Chuck actually e-mailed me about 2 weeks before we went, he wanted to know where wanted to go and any specifics, I also asked if my sister could join us.

About booking in advance, we got 2 ESB tickets each (one for day, one of night) this saved lots of time and hassel, the first time we went up, about 7pmish, there was no queue, but the second time 9.30am there was (although not too bad, maybe 30 mins, but you don't want to waste any time there, there is so much to do, and why queue up twice if you only need to once.)
We got tickets for the shows through broadwaybox and broadway offers (about 35% off) and took print outs of other shows we may want to see. My sister used those as she only booked a few days before going, she got her tickets from the box office, but as she was only getting a single ticket and it was february it was quick and easy. Also the ticket she had for Mama Mia was right at the back. The queues for TCKS office were long at times.
I booked for Tavern on the Green, mainly because it was resturant week and I wanted a cheap lunch :oops: If we had gone on spec we would have had to wait for a table, it was packed out! Other resturants we went to we were seated straight away, but as I say it was february, when you are going I would book any 'special' meals in advance rather than be disappointed.
We booked a car rather than get a taxi, I'm glad we did. It was a similar price but really a big, clean, flashy car with leather seats and a nice driver, the cabs are the opposite!!!! We didn't book the return until the day before we came home, it was a good job too, because as I said our luggage had doubled and wouldn't have fit into a car :oops:

Pebbles, we loved New York it is so like you imagine. The day with Chuck was one of the highlights of our stay, it really did build our confidence with the subway and exploring, also the areas that we went to were areas that we wouldn't have seen well otherwise. If you have time during your stay it's something I'd definately reccommend, however bear in mind that it could be a full day and there are so many things you need to see and do (like the ESB, Statue of Liberty, 5th Avenue, Statue of Liberty, shopping etc) and these are all easy to do on your own, but can't neccesarily fit them into one day because of locations. We had 4 full days, 1 evening and 1 morning and we hammered it! I can honestly say that my feet have never hurt so much as walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and after the second stint at Century 21 I was too tired to breathe :D

I don't know how to links but if you google Big Apple Greeters you'll find the site, and I think there's a link in another thread on here. The greeters are voluntry and it costs nothing, we posted a donation with the form we filled in afterwards. The greeters aren't allowed to benefit however we bought lunch and drinks. You apply on-line and fill in a form, I would think it's best doing it on your first full day and book well in advance if your going at a busy time. Have fun!
WOW Clarissa, what a report - you sound as if you had a wonderful time!!

I'm getting more and more excited about going!! I have to wait until October though... :cry:

Please can you give me the websites that you prebooked the ESB with and the restaurants?

JAime C :wave
Great trip report Clarissa!!!
How yummy were the frozen hot chocolate and banana split? Is it worth the visit? I'm trying to decide whther to go there or not.
Jaimec, you can prebuy your ESB tickets here.
You can make a reservation at Tavern on the Green here.
Jaime, we booked the resturant directly on the web site, I did have to phone and change the booking before we went as well, they were really helpful. I looked on for reviews and there is also the actual menus and price and links to each resturant.

Cozz I really liked Serendipity, it is a really nice inside, all white cast iron furniture, airy and small. The frozen hot chocolate was like really nice semi-frozen chocolate milkshake with loads of cream on top in a huge round glass. It was certainly not your average milkshake! The banana split was wonderful and huge, the strawberry ice cream was delicious. We didn't manage to anywhere near finish either, so expect large portions. The frozen hot chocolate was only $7.50 and I would say worth it. Serendipity is just down the road from Bloomingdales and it is a very fitting place to go afterwards! I would say though that it opened at 11.30am, we arrived at 11am (didn't know when it opened) and there was already people waiting outside! They do take reservations.
Thanks Clarissa, I'll make a reservation then!
Thank you Cozz & Clarissa...

I'm such a fussy eater I love to see menus in advance :lol:
We (6 adults) are going in November and can't wait now. Your report was very helpful and like you we plan to do an itinery before we go. Unlucky for us we only have 3 nights there so don't know if that will be long enough.

We hoped we would be able to ice skate in Central Park but will leave that till the end of our trip in case we break anything. :shock:
Hi Carrie ... if you are having trouble waiting until November to enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York, then please click HERE.

If you have a slow dial up connection, it may take a bit of time to load, but it's worth it. Stay with it for several minutes to view the various shots available. And have your speakers turned up, as not only can you hear the buskers playing, you can even hear taxi drivers swear at pedestrians who don't get out of their way quickly enough !!

David :wave
Maybe it is raining there as it wasn't very clear but thank you very much for this. It will help while I wait for the real thing.
Excellent :D
Great report,Clarissa. Thank you.

I'm coming round to the idea of using a BAG - been a bit hesitant of visiting with a stranger and not paying a fee for the service - but the great reports I've read here about the Greeters makes me see they're probably just enthusiastic and passionate about their City - I hope I would do the same, if I was in a position to do so.

Thanks for the TimesSquare webcam, David

Howard :)
Howard, request a BAG asap! They are brilliant. A friend of mine is a BAG and the one I had when I visited NY was a complete sweetheart. We walked around for hours and it was snowing quite hard. He just wanted me to show me as much as he could. They are extremely well informed and show you all kinds of things from how the subways work, to going into galleries and posh shops!
Book one, you won't regret it!
Hi Clarissa,

Great write up re NY - we are going in April to Hotel 41 - can't wait! Took your advice re the tickets for the shows and managed to get a good deal using the discount codes so thanks for that.

Would you be able to give me more info on the car you booked from the airport - I am bit of a novice at this. When I went on the Carmel website they ask for flight details and times - did you put your arrival time or a guess of when you expected to be through security etc? Also the drop down list for hotels didn't include Hotel 41 so did you just type in the address?

Sorry to be thick but just want everything to be sorted - thanks!

I wrote in the hotel name. For the time, I think I put the landing time, there was a bank of free telephones at the airport and you just phone Carmel from there when you arrive (they were a bit round a corner and I only found them because I knew there were freephones somewhere!). They were there within 5 - 10 minutes.

In the time from booking the car and going we had added my sister in, which meant 2 drop offs. I didn't contact them to change this but it didn't seem any problem, so I would imagine that they are pretty flexible with times and details etc. Make sure you have your exact hotel address written down ready to pass to the driver, we had a few frantic minutes scrabbling to find it. You have too take it that no car or taxi driver knows where anything is in New York!

Have a wonderful holiday, I'm still grinning about ours!
Hi Chicken,

We are also going to Hotel 41 in April - what date are you going?
I noticed you said you booked broadway tickets using discount codes - did you use broadway box for this?
I am trying to book tickets but the discount codes expire on April 1st - so are no use!

Referee, we found that the codes on Broadwaybox all change within about a week of each other, ours were pretty much before we went too. If you have the site notify you, it doesn't notify you for extended codes, so you have to keep going back to check.

Hotel 41 was really nice.
Clarissa, Thanks for the info re Carmel - will give them a go I think (and be prepared with the Hotel address!)

Referee, have sent you a PM back but I did use the codes off Broadway Box and booked through ticketmaster - booking went through okay (I hope!) so good luck!

Keep all the info on NY coming - am so excited!
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