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There was a hotel last year who tried this but they were shiut down by the government on a technicality http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8668679.stm

I don't think you will find one anywhere Turkey


There was a naturist resort that opened in the Datca area, Hotel Adaburnu Golmar. However, it was forced to close 6 days after it opened by authorities due to a problem with the balconies. I don't know if it ever reopened or not. It was the first, and only naturist resort that I know of in Turkey. Naturism isn't a big thing in muslim countries and frowned upon so I'm not aware of any naturism beaches. You'll have to put up with tan lines!

The naturist hotel in Datca did not re-open. I think it is unlikely to open again as a naturist resort. It was in a very conservative area where you see many Muslim ladies in the all in one swim suits so it was a very daring venture. It was closed down due to irregularities in the building, they said the balconies did not conform to planning regulations. Later they said there were irregularities in the gardens. The water park and restaurant are still open but you have to remain clothed. This was to be the first naturist resort in Turkey so I doubt if there are any others.

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