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Get to the canaries, plenty of places in Tenerife or Fuetuventura, only downside is the flight is 4 hours.

Is that too long?
Hi Lance Thanks for reply. No I could probably cope with that. Do you know anywhere to try or a particular hotel thats good? Thanks
Hi welshtwinkle &. :welcome
You could look at Corralejo in Fuerteventura. It's very flat & I have a friend who relies on a mobility scooter & she often holidays there.

We also go there & I know that there's many solo travelers who feel safe in the resort as it's not too big & it's very friendly.

There's also a few excursion offices who you can book with for various trips etc.

Nightlife is fairly low-key not lots of nightclubs etc.

If you need any further help please just ask 👍
Hi Glynis Thank you so much for the lovely welcome. That is the sort of thing I am looking for, flat, not too busy and suitable for solo limited mobility traveller like myself. Will look there up, can you suggest and hotels to try plz? Thank you x
We always stay self catering as does my friend so can't help with personal recommendations, but there are a few new hotels that get good reviews. Have a look around the internet & if anything takes your fancy let me know & I'll investigate for you 😉

Another resort we really like & is very suitable for folks with mobility issues is La Carihuela on the Costa Del Sol. You'd probably need to go there early October for the weather though.

It's got a really long, traffic free prom, that stretches from Benalmedena to Torremolinos. Short flight as well. No nightclubs, lots of lovely restaurants. There's a few nice hotels there as well. I stayed on my own for 2 nights at the Pez Espada hotel. 👍
A vibrant city best known for its architecture, football and The Beatles, Liverpool will surprise and delight your taste buds with its wide range of restaurants.
From independent street fare to modern British cuisine, you can find good food with a great view nearly everywhere in Liverpool. To make your journey of taste sensation easier, we’ve put together a list of eclectic joints that you absolutely must visit when you’re here.
  • Edited by Fiona 2019-04-16 14:44:48
Much as I love the city of my birth, the OP was looking for somewhere where it will be warm October to April and I doubt that Liverpool fits the bill!
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