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We have been going to the Costa Lago for some years. We are looking at going in September.
We usually stay in La Carihuela on HB basis and walk to Los Alamos, I quite like the chiringuitos down that end of Torre for a spot of lunch. It's a nice flat walk, but these days we tend to get the train back.

My hubby is 75 next week and I'm taking him there.
So, I'll let you know what it's like. :wink:
Sanji x
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Is Los Alamos where we got those lovely tapas Sanji?
Hi Glynis
No, that was in Arroyo.
When you walk to Torremolinos from La Carihuela and you just keep walking on the promenade, eventually you arrive in Los Alamos..... And it's where the promenade finally stops.

I'm sure you have done that walk :hmmm

Sanji x
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Omg yes we did. Took ages & then we hoofed all the way back again :omg
I stayed in the Riu Costa Lago a couple of years ago, and liked the area, but it was definitely in need of a total refurbishment, so if it has been done then then should be a good choice, there are bus stops right outside the hotel too.
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    forgot to put in when I went
We've been talking to a few couples here, who have been loyal customers in the past to both hotels when they were separate.
Joining the hotels and making a new product, it has created a complex that I would image (and this is just my opinion) it has lost the personal touch and familiarity that you'd probably had in the past when they were operating as separate hotels.

They've spent quite a few millions of euros/pounds creating swimming pools where there was once a bowling green, and the rooms in what was the hotel Belplaya (where we are staying) they have been totally refurbished to a very high standard and we've got a fabulous view, unfortunately not today because of the low cloud.

At the moment the weather is dampening my enthusiasm for this place, we came here to celebrate my hubby's 75th birthday, which he spent most of the day in bed to get warm because the strong wind and driving rain yesterday chilled your bones, and today we've got another day of rain although the wind has eased off....So there are over a thousand (minimum) people mulling around the place and wondering what to do with themselves....apart from drinking/ eating.
Just glad there is Wi-Fi throughout the complex and the weather is forecast to improve from tomorrow. (fingers crossed).

Sanji x

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You should have taken your hot water bottle Sanji 😂

Your room looks lovely......and......very tidy!!! Where's all your stuff? Dave's nightcap G&T? 😀

Big shame about the weather though but hopefully will pick up for the rest of your stay. The weather's one of the reasons we like to have access to British TV. There's nothing worse than being couped up in a hotel with nothing to do. You can only play so many game of cards.

At least you can eat & drink without getting wet. 👍

How's the food?

Here's hoping you both enjoy the rest of your stay. Xxx
Fantasitc photos Sanji

Ah, my tablet was handy having travelled in my hand luggage, so before we messed up the room, I quickly took a few photos.
The food is very good, too much choice at times, but depending upon where you're sat in the restaurant, it seems a trek up and down to the buffet area.

Apart from the main restaurant there are two other ones, an Andalusian one and an Italian have to reserve a table here........We are going to the Andalusian one tonight at 8-30 pm.

Dave's nightcap has been brandies to warm him through. :wink

Sanji x
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A nice touch left by the maid today.

She was telling me that the bathrooms in the Belplaya used to be very small, and to be able to install the fab walk- in shower, which occupies the length of the wall, they did actually have to move an internal wall.
Everything is brand spanking new and we are really appreciating being one of the few people who have occupied this room

Sanji x
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Morning :wave:
How was your meal last night? Has the weather picked up?

Would you both stay there again or is the hotel too big & isolated? I'm sort of hoping that you would as it'll give you another option when choosing a last minute break. The hotel pool area does look busy though & if hotel is fairly full I suppose there'll be a lot of people milling around.
Hi Glynis.
The weather started off a bit iffy this morning , we took a walk out and had a drink in a chiringuito, mainly to stretch our legs because it could be so easy to not move from here, but since lunch time it has been sunny and warm, warm enough to sunbathe and get burnt. The sea has also calmed down and atm it's like a mill pond....let's hope it lasts.!

I didn't have a lot to eat last night, just a skewer with some chicken on it and a few chips and rice pudding, obviously not together lol. I'd had a non alcoholic cocktail the night before and it upset my guts all day yesterday, there was nothing wrong with the cocktail, I could have drunk half a dozen of them, it's just me and Crohn's. :yuck
Dave got stuck in and had 4 courses and if you count the cheese & biscuit 5 . The restaurant is smaller than the main one, hence why you have to reserve a table and it's a lot less hectic.

Counting in the small and shallow pool for the babies, there are 4 pools. Two are big ones, one is a little smaller ( the one you're referring to in my previous photo) and then there's the baby pool. There's also an indoor pool inside the Turkish baths.....oh and we found the gym today, not that we're going in it.

For me, the biggest thing I've had to adjust to, is the size of the main restaurant and the amount of people. During the daytime and because of the size of the complex, you don't notice the amount of people because they're in different areas. I wouldn't come here in the high season, but if you've got children this place is ideal.....and there's plenty of children here atm.

All the staff are helpful, polite and know how to smile.......and the food is just the best we've ever experienced.... Crikey you could leave here and be a stone heavier.
I'll upload some more photos later, I'm writing this post whilst waiting for Dave to get out of the bathroom..... He spends more time in there than any woman getting ready for dinner 😁

Sanji x

It does sound lovely Sanji, especially the food, & for you to say it's the best you've experienced is a credit to the place.

As you say maybe ok for an out of season break due to being so child friendly & large. Plus the restaurant being busy due to size is a bit off putting. I'm not really keen on large complexes for that very reason. Too many people to get on my nerves 😂😂😂

Shame about the cocktails 🍹 upsetting your stomach, as it would have been great if you could have had a few as a change. Still, your doing well with your Crohns lately so I mustn't whinge.

You've a few days left so I hope the weather stays nice for you. Take care hun xxx
The gym

Turkish bath.

Big pool in front of beach.

Other big pool.

Part of the terrace, where you can eat outside (they set the tables at meal times)

Sanji x
Lovely photos Shirley thanks 👍 You missed your vocation 😉
Hi I've recently booked to stay here. After reading the trip advisor reviews it has got me very worried with the amount of people getting poorly especially as we have a baby. Have you experienced any of this???

thanks x

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