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Hi Peter

this is really interesting as I have a property in Spain and would certainly consider something of this nature - - all dependant on small print and good legal advice of course.

How can I keep up to date with the developments, any tips

Have posted a copy to the agents in Tenerife and asked them to keep us updated. Wil post any developments ASAP
Thanks Peter

I am doing some research through agent in Spain and will do same if I hear.

Could you PM me if you hear anything,

Yes, good legal advice would be recommended, but I think you would want to ask yourself if you would want "young people and low-income families" to be living in your property (unless you'd bought it for that purpose), especially as they intend "to offer them at a lower monthly rent than the current average."

Would you do it in the UK?
Id like to agree with bawbee and add...

Check your comunity AGM debtors list. I can virtually guarantee that nearly ALL of the debtors (and I am stating facts from ours and all my friends agm's, so no racisim cards please) are... Spanish!

The Sausage munchers, Onion eaters, Clog wearers, Pizza scoffers and Chip eaters nearly all pay, but the Sombrero wearers, per capita, are by far the biggest fee payment abstainers, year in - year out!

He he - very PC Makum :lol:
That's interesting .... any ideas on why the Spanish mentality is (generally) that way?
They dont like parting with their brass until they are forced too
Agree with Pete our biggest debtors have been locals our biggest one was the person who built the block
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