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new Tourist Tax
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Hi seagull ... it may relate to or be an extension of this scheme introduced in Rome, Venice and Florence at various points last year:

According to the Foreign Office, local administrations are in charge of the tax and so different conditions may apply locally.

David :wave
We've just received a letter from Thompson, less that two weeks before we are due to fly to Sorrento, telling us we are going to have to pay up to 280 euros in tourist tax when we get there. This is the first we've heard about it and to be honest we may have considered going elsewhere had we known about it at the time of booking, which was months ago. Can we be forced to pay this - surely Thompson should have made us aware of any hidden/additional costs before we paid for our holiday? Are they in breach of contract?
what do you mean by tax it is my first travel in Italy i need to know about which tax you are talking bout!

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