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Hi Paul & welcome.

I can't understand why, if you spoke to them to cancel, they acknowledged the cancellation in writing why you had to phone? I'd have thought the written confirmation of cancellation was sufficient. :que
Did you pay by credit card?
Hi Glynis

I paid by Visa Debit. I have contacted my bank to try and get a chargeback but I dont hold out much hope.
On 5th March 2019 at 10:05am, Paul 'Griff' Griffith said:
I booked with this company and I couldnt go on the dates given to me so I calledthem to change the dates within 24 hours. The dates I wanted were not
available and the company told me in writing that the whole thing was
cancelled. They gave me a number to call to confirm which I did and spoke to
a man that confirmed that as it was less than 24 hours since the initial
booking the cancellation was made, there would be no charges. I managed
through another company to get the dates I wanted and went on holiday and
returned last night . It was then that I saw that On The Beach had taken the
money from my account. They say that I should have phoned them again but I
had already spoken to someone and confirmed the cancellation, so I didn't
need to call again, I had already been on the phone to confirm the
cancellation. Where can I go from here?

Kind Regards
How did you pay - Credit Card or Debit Card?
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