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for a start if you are traveling in the EU then you cannot get Duty Free but you can purchase Duty Payed.. im most cases you will find booz and cigs cheaper in the resorts than the airports
Unless you are going outside the EU then I think theres no duty free anymore! What they sell at the airport is usually a lot cheaper when you're on holiday!
At Gatwick you get approached and asked where you are going, if its somewhere like spain, you are told you cannot but ciggies etc, you have to buy them in the country you are visiting and pay thier taxes on them.
I was under the impression that if you are travelling within Europe, then there is no such thing as DUTY FREE anymore. In adition to which, in certain countries, it is often far cheaper to buy things like Perfume, Cigarettes, Tobacco and Alcohol in Resort as opposed to at the Airport.
I always buy in resort as like you said it is cheaper!!!!
My understanding is that when flying in the EU, the goods are VAT free but not Duty free.

eg Goods from the Uk are 17.5% cheaper but you still pay the duty on alcohol fags etc. eg.Petrol at 90p a litre is 60p+ duty and the 25p price 5p VAT (Rough figures)

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