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I can't give you an official answer to your question but I do wonder how they would know you had methadone with you if it was packed in your hold luggage unless you told them, as it is not likely to be picked up on their scanner. I have travelled to Tunisia more than 20 times over many years and have never been asked what was in my luggage, apart from having a jar of jam confiscated from my hand luggage in Denmark :roll: Speaking personally, I would be inclined to get a doctor's letter and keep it with you in the unlikely case of a problem and simply plead ignorance in the unlikely event that it was picked up.

Before anyone jumps down my throat, please note this is not advice but just what I would be inclined to do in your circumstances, based on my experience of travelling over many years.
well Aslemma, thanks for answering, but I do know they can go through your luggage,twice i was robbed, first time I had my video camera, an expensive thing like ipod that held tonnes of videos, photos and music and had all my music backed up on it :( i also had a camera, you could see my bag had been tampered with, they just stole them, i tried everything to ringing and writing to the airlines, all they did was keep writing back me in french, it went on for ages them putting me onto people and on hold, i eventually gave up, second time i stupidly left a spare phone and mp4 in bags and stolen again, ive been abroad so many times its only country its happened to me in, and i know the topic of the story is veering off is but what im trying to say is that they looked through my bags and taken my stuff and to a friend of mine also, and when its comes to the bags going through the scanner i know they can see electrical equipment but they would also see the methadone as anything orange comes up organic so they would see it and probably open to check it out and i would take the chance of not telling them but seeing them tv shows on airport customs i have seen people get fined because they didnt tick the box on the questionnaires and could of avoided like a 200 euro fine, otherwise i would of ticked no aswell, so once again i still dont know what to do, its getting closer to the new year and prices are going up and up and no-one seems to have experience with it..... but thanks for answering me but as i said it wll come up orange it scanner and they will what to know what it is........
tks so anyone out there pls wit any advice or experience on anything pls do tell, thank you ......
Oh dear Lulu, I didn't realise that the stuff would show up on the scanner. I took 4kg of Complan (a protein supplement which I believe is also organic) out with me last time for a sick friend, and though I don't think that is banned, there was no sign that my bag had been opened. You have certainly been unlucky in the past (or I've just been lucky) as I've never had anything stolen from my luggage.

One other suggestion might be to get a prescription from your doctor and get it made up in Tunisia if you need it. I've always found the doctors and pharmacists are very good out there.

I do hope you can sort something out soon so you can go back and visit your friends. :kiss
Surely you can take it through as hand luggage with a GP's note? Have you asked your local drugs team?
When we come here we have to bring 6 months supply of all Frank's prescribed medication which we always carry in our hand luggage - plus the usual paracetamol, Dyrolite, Imodium etc. I also carry the copy of the doctors prescription just in case of queries. In 9 years we have never been asked what the drugs are for or why it was necessary for us to have such a large quantity. Incidentally, his statin tablets are an orange colour. Hope that this helps. xx
thanks everyone for your replies, but to answer a few things, methadone is in liquid form in ireland , if it was tablet form i think it would be much easier, methadone is also not supplied in pharmacies in tunisia as its a banned substance, i have asked my local doctors yes, and they cant see the problem but as i was saying when i rang the tunisian embassy in london he told me no methadone or morphine allowed into their country and practically hung up, my doctor said he has never seen a problem with people going on holidays to places like spain, france etc but he does not know about tunisia, he rang a different doctor and he cant see the problem but he is not sure either, i will have all the doctors letters with me but the thing im afraid of is if they cause a problem when i get there and say i cant take it with me, i literally have to turn around and get a plane straight home which im sure will cost a bomb and the prices are going up and up as im trying to get answers for this, they were only 300 when i was about to book few weeks ago until someone told me make sure i can take my medicine with me.....i will have to get plane straight home as i will go very sick without it, its crazy i cant i find anyone that doesnt seem to have already gone there and done this....
when it comes to paracetemol and immodium and things like that i know you can be fine with things like that, i have been there many time with my prescribed sleeping pills and my friend has few other tabs prescribed aswell suck as xanax etc and we did all this without doctors note but this drug is especially for the treatment of ex users of heroin addiction, so just if some of you didnt know why i was asking as i know this is more serious thing like paracetemol, immodiums and proteins etc
my friend and i bought 2 bottles of vodka each one time when we were going there for nearly a month which we did buy in duty free on the way.... as vodka there is like 80 euro a bottle and they took a bottle off us each so we were only allowed with one each, so i can see something bad happening when i get there if they are strict like that.....
funny thing is....which was not funny at time as the bottles had all been taken out and then we were trying get out there fast to catch our coach, one the bottles fell off our trolley and smashed, 4 bottles to 1 bottle for us for the month haha...
so im still lost on what to do....but thanks everyone for trying to help but still looking if anyone out there knows bit more.... this post might be able to help someone else in the future if they are in same position as there does not seem to be alot of answers for it, there is alot of people on methadone, there must be some of them going on holidays, lol.....
maybe not to countries like tunisia........?
ok hope someone can help, thanks again everyone for trying
I really do hope you can get a clear answer Lulu so you can book your holiday, though it seems that if the answer is 'no way' you will be stuck unless you risk it. I wish you all the best. :kiss
Hi Lulu, I have a friend who works as a supervisor at Enfida - previously at Monastir - and I asked her to check with a Douanier and she was told that you will definitely not be allowed to take methodone into Tunisia. I am so sorry that I haven't any better news, as I realise that it is imperative that you take it with you.
If you have already looked into this, my apologies, but does methadone come in tablet form? If it does, is it not possible for the doctor to get a supply just for the holiday - even at a cost?
All best wishes xx
thanks Aslemma
and thank you so much jennyfrank, that was very kind of you to go to the trouble of doing that, i really appreciate that and tell your friend also... i know monastir,ive often flew in there but am flying to Tunis carthage i think its called, the main one anyway but i guess it does not make a difference.... unfortunately ireland do not have methadone in tablet form and the weird thing is when i rang the tunisian embassy in washington america as i have been onto them a few times and he said he was onto customs and its ok, but the guy in London said no way, but from what you are saying this does look like the case, its hard to beleive they would not let people who are on morphine also for severe pain or cancer into the country on a holiday either, i am going over to a guy i was with a few years who has been to my country many times also, someone i nearly married and we have not seen eachother in awhile, he will be devastasted and after i just told him yesterday the tunisian embassy in america said i could go he was so happy, this looks like thats it then, my doctors have never heard of anyone being refused entry into country but i guess none of them know anyone that went to tunisia..... i will have to try get some sort of medication in tablet form that will hold me as a group of us were going in summer but i guess i have more time to look into gettin that...just very dissappointed now, but thanks so much for going to the trouble and doing that for me, i guess this post can help any others that will know for the future....
thank you
LuLu xxx
Different countries - different rules I'm afraid Lulu. There is one country - Singapore I think it is, that doesn't allow you to take Vick inhalers into their country -- some substance or other that is in the prep and banned there. At least you know in advance not and are not going to get a shock in arrivals. All best wishes in the future. xx

I am sure that you have thought of this, but does your drug rehab team have a possible alternative solution - or is that the doctor you are talking about?
Hi Lulu, I have just checked and methadone is available in tablet form, so there is a possible chance that you may get sufficient supply to tide you over the holiday. I do hope so. All best - xx
just wondering if you ended up going to Tunisia, or did you get any further in finding info?
I am currently in the same position, but have already booked a 2 week holiday for december, stupidly didnt think to check before booking and paying, well I did check google quicly but was on my phone and it seemed to say it was ok with all relevent paperwork,
Hi... my boyfriend is coming to tunisia for 2 weeks....i wanted to ask if he can pay methadone from Tunisia?? And if he can where can he find it???and how??
from government advice -
If you’re bringing prescription medicines, carry a note from your GP confirming that the medication has been prescribed for an existing condition. If you have any specific concerns about taking certain types of medication with you to Tunisia, contact the Tunisian Embassy in London.
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Omayma, as you live in Tunisia couldn't you find out what the legalities of acquiring Methadone are?
I realize this post started years ago. But I am now in a similar situation and I am wondering if anyone has gotten through with their prescription methadone, either the liquid or tablet form. I currently take the liquid form methadone but may be able to get in tablet form if necessary. But I need to know for sure whether I will be able to go as I am trying to plan a trip for March. If anyone has gone with their meds could you please post your outcome? Were you able to enter with it, or did you have any problems? I would appreciate any answers regarding this issue as I can not find any concrete information anywhere. Thank you so much!
Why ask here? Without wishing to offend the only place you will get a definative answer is from the Tunisian Embassy, all other answers are really personal opinions. If you get caught in possesion saying someone on the internet told me it would be OK would be of no use.

Telephone calls are simply someone telling you yes/no but are not proof and emails have a habit of going astray or being treated as SPAM - as we so often tell people here on HT a letter sent recorded/signed for delivery is the sensible way to do it. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Keep it simple and polite (they are not interested in Auntie Nellies problems with her piles) I suggest something along the lines of

It is my wish to visit your country for a holiday however due to a medical condition my doctor has prescribed me X medication. Can you please advise me of any regulations/laws that apply for this medication and the proof of prescrption I would be required to provide as I have no wish to offend your laws/regulations.
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The official UK Government Advice for bringing/taking controlled drugs into the UK or another country can be found here.


You could get a fine or go to prison if you travel with medicine that’s illegal in another country - check with the embassy of the country you’re going to before you travel.
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