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Thanks for that, we r in a villa nr paphos right now, scarey stuff, but it happens, will be aware. How did they get in do u know, we have safe too.
They entered through one of the many patio doors that the villa had (it was locked), every villa over there seems to have loads of patio doors!
I'm sure you will be ok, an like i said, i dont want to put people off but to make them aware.. enjoy the rest of your stay, we loved it and will return.
What a horrible end to your holiday and now you are home, I expect you are inundated with form filling etc.
Similar happened to our friends in a villa. They had chosen to stay in a private villa that was in a remote location.
When they left for a day out the thieves were obviously watching and there was no-one around to see them or deter them!
Probably it is better to be on a complex where there are 'friends' around you, then at least you have some sort of safety net. I hope you and your family recover from the ordeal and enjoy your next holiday.
Sorry to hear of your awful experience, hope you got everything sorted out.
Brilliant advice about photocopy everything - I gave this advice to someone at work whose teenage son and girlfriend have just been on holiday. The type of safe that they use abroad in apartment/villas are very easily broken into so I suppose it is just as good to 'hide' your valuables.
We are off to Coral Bay in just over a week - also staying in a villa.
Had not yet decided whether to take Euros or TC's and Euros. Will probably now take mainly TC's as at least they can be replaced via Insurance.
Can anyone tell me what the ROE is at the moment?
Thanks Irene
Sadly this is getting worse, but last week Cyprus CID arrested 2 Romanians and 1 Syrian in Larnaka they had a load of cards, 30k in euros and when they went to where they were staying they found all sorts.

Our Cypriot friends in the village have been robbed a few weeks ago, they were used to leaving the doors open , not any more.

I was more careful with valuables this time and intend to install a safe next time we are over. Although I have heard that safes have been taken if not bolted down.

There has been a lot of break ins especially in the areas where they know people are on holiday and renting villas, so please be careful and lock all doors and windows when leaving the house also sneak theives are operating as you are enjoying yourself in the pool they slip in and help themselves to the first things they can lay their hands on.
I understand there is a card you can load your money on to at Thomas Cooks downside is its nearly 4 euros everytime you draw money from the ATM machine.
This time we used a Nationwide flex card no charges for withdrawals in EU countries this was much better that carrying large sums of cash around. I also used it when paying for good in the shops.
Sadly this has been happening on the eastern side of the island as well - Ayia Thekla. Not wishing to cast aspersions but the general consensus is it is not Cypriots which I can well believe.
We live in one of the suburbs outside of Limassol and only our front door is ever locked and that's because it has a yale lock on it.

The front patio doors, bedroom balcony doors, kitchen door and all windows are constantly unlocked.

We do have 2 big dogs though, so maybe that has something to do with us never being burgled ;)

Seriously though, where we live - residents still leave door keys in the electric meter cupboards as that's what they've always done.

We do lock the car up in the tourist area and we always hide any valuables, just the same you would do in any town or city.

There has been a spate of burglaries and it's starting to get repetitious at this time of year as a number of expat residents go back to UK to escape the heat of July and August. Unfortunately, the ethnic minorities get blamed a lot for the thefts but it's only when they actually catch them that you find out for definite who were the culprits.

I'm glad to hear it hasn't put you off Cyprus but it's certainly an unwanted memory for you...

ive heard its a lot to do with the eastern european workers
The Eastern Europeans always get blamed.... but, as I said before - until the authorities catch them, who know?
Just an update really. Seems months since its happened, not paid out by insurance yet!! Cypriot Police, at least those in Peyia near Coral Bay dont do anything quickly.

The more we think about what happened and piece together events and how they unfolded, my partner and i are sure it was an inside job. The owner of the Villa was so conveniently away at the time of the burgalry, he couldnt get the safe to work on our arrival (i managed it myself after he had gone). There are many other little nagging away instances that make us think it was an inside job, whether the cleaner was involved, i would say yes, the owner, yes, or at least his accomplices.

The Police over there dont want to help in any way and i have very little faith in them, Ive never realised just how good an proffesional our police force are until you see there's.

Advice from me if i've not already give it... .
  • Edited by Glynis HT Admin 2009-10-28 15:25:24
    Sorry but have had to remove name of the villa as nothing proven.
OK i respect your decission. I was only pointing out that by staying in that villa, IMHO you would unknowingly put yourself at risk.
My opinion is, there is no way I would return to the island, maybe if others thought the same, the police would do their utmost to get it sorted. There was a country we visited where our cases were interfered with the night before we returned home, we informed the reception but they just shrugged their shoulders, we know 100% it was the cleaners (I photographed the arrangement of our suitcases :) ) an old woman across the path had her jewellery stolen by the same two.

I don't want to get into a drawn out discussion, it's just my opinion.
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