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Are you in Turkey at the time of your payment? If so open a bank account and transfer it from there. This way you will have a record of the transaction. It should take a couple of hours to open and get your tax number.
Another way is to transfer through a lawyer acting for you ( here I go again !!!!)
transfering money from the uk costs as little as £20 ( I did thid thru nationwide but check others).
the most essential point is to make sure you have the correct paperwork for the receipt of your money from whoever you pay.
Welcome to Turkey and good luck!
We did it through a bank transfer, I think its called a Swift transfer, you can do it from current accounts in banks and some types of accounts in Building Societies (but not all). You have to go in there to do it - best to phone first especially if its a small branch. It takes a few days to actually arrive in the account in Turkey. There is space to put details of the payment on the form, you should get the bank to put '10% deposit for Apartment name,resort name' or whatever, and ask the recipient in Turkey for a proper receipt on headed paper - also stating exactly what the money is for. As Chelsea Boy says it costs in the region of £20, but if by any chance its from an HSBC bank here to an HSBC bank in Turkey it is only £10.
Can you tell me where i can open an hsbc bank in Turkey please as i have already got one in the uk.Also we transferred money via Alliance-leicester.Cost us i think £20 this end and £50 in Turkey.Has this happened to anybody else please?
I think HSBC's are in all big resorts, and cash machines in small ones, we opened our account in Marmaris. We filled in LOADS of paperwork, then had to go back a couple of days later to complete the process.
On one of the bank transfers we made from the UK, we were also charged from the Turkish end, weeks later about £13, but the other times we didn't pay anything.
Bank transfer is safest way.
Never use travellers chqs or credit card.
Cash if you are ok with taking a large'ish amount.

HSBC branches

We would like to find an hsbc nr or in Altinkum.Do you know the nearest branch please?
I used http://www.currenciesdirect.com who promise to beat any quoted rates in the Uk. They will also accept up to £10k by switch over the phone [more than enough for a deposit] and then transfer your money 'free' to Turkey.

I emailed Paresh.D@currenciesdirect.com - no commercial connection - & use Garanti internet bank in Turkey - they currently offer 14% interest on their current account.


Before travelling to Turkey, I made an arrangement with HSBC in Uk that I may need to transfer funds to Turkey. I wasn't sure exactly how much that would be, or where it should be paid to, so couldn't do specifics. Anyway, sale agreed, I faxed my branch details of amount and recipient, and they contacted me on my mobile to confirm receipt etc. The transfer was done in a few days, confirmation by letter, £20 charge and everyone happy. The local bank through London had also set up A Turkey bank account and tax code for me,but I did'nt know this was completed ,at the time.
The remaining balance I transferred via currencies direct to my Turkey account, and subsequently transferred funds to my agent .
HSBC here gave me details of phone numbers etc, so I was able to set up internet and telephone banking with an english speaking person at Turkish call centre but also had the contact number for an english speaking clerk(is that the right word) in the Kusadasi branch. I went to the branch and introduced myself in person, having already spoken on the phone.
He also arranged for my atm card to be at the branch within 2 days, so I could manage my funds independently. All in all a satisfactory process
thanks Mstr
when i contacted hsbc they told me i had to go into a branch in turkey to open an a/c
my branch did the initial enquiry for me. When I got the fuller form to complete (Turkish/english) I took it to my branch and they checked the details. If you want specifics send me a pm, if it will be any use to you I can give you names phone numbers etc.
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