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Hi & :welcome to the forums.

I agree with what you're saying regarding Spain & the Canaries getting expensive. Saying that we're going to Corralejo in Fuerteventura in June for 18 nights s/c for under £1000.

It's been a good few years since we went to Turkey we've been to Olu Deniz, Hisaronu & Icemeler. Out of those 3 Olu Deniz is my favourite. (It's where the lagoon is that often features in brochures).

Friends of mine stayed in, & recommended Club Belcekiz Beach Hotel in Olu Deniz. It's AI but they said the food was lovely.

Eating out in Turkey is very reasonable, so if you find a hotel that suits your requirements & it's H/B or AI, you can always still go out for nice meals.

Yes June should be hot, my friends & I went in June & it was boiling!

Sorry I can't help you anymore as my knowledge of Turkey is a little out of date but hopefully someone will be along soon with better advice 👍
:banghead: Sorry I have just spent around 40 minutes typing a long detailed reply for it to disappear when i tried submitting.

I will give it another bash, so sorry for this.
Right here we go again.

My ramblings about Turkey, not that will really help you with questions about AI or FB as we have never stayed in any large hotels offering these. My wife and I never fancied Turkey (well apart from at Christmas obviously) and usually went to Greece.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and book Turkey for 2011. As we were booking the holiday DIY I searched for resorts that we would like, at the time mid 40’s and wanting a smaller resort with no rowdy group style holidays going there.

After searching and asking numerous questions we decided on a small town called Dalyan which is around 25 minutes from Dalaman Airport, not too big with no large hotels mainly small family hotels and apartments.

Dalyan is set on a river with a lake to the North and a superb beach to the South, there are plenty of restaurants set on the main street and square and also small back streets where you can stumble upon small hidden gems, there are also small restaurants and cafes hidden down by the river where you can just sit and chill for hours with a coffee or wine, one I can recommend is Beyazgul, great place to sit and chill.

Once I had decided on the resort it was then a case of finding accommodation, again much searching of various hotels and apartments
brought us to one called Central Park Hotel and Restaurant www.dalyancentralparkotel.com/a few emails back and forward and a small deposit we were booked.

Being our first visit to Turkey we were a bit apprehensive as to what it would be like and what the hotel would be like. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were welcomed by Kudret the owner who I had been emailing and we were greeted like long lost friend in a genuinely warm and friendly manner, we knew instantly we had made the right choice of hotel.

This visit was in May just at the start of the season and as we were going to be the only guests for a few day Kudret happily showed us all the 12 rooms and gave us the choice of any room, we actually chose the smallest room as it had a double aspect with two balconies, Kudret kept offering to change our room as he couldn’t understand why we would take the smallest room. The Central Park is for adults and couples only, so not rowdy, has a great pool and a small garden area to sit in, Kudret runs the small on site restaurant where he cooks everything freshly to order, his food is great and reasonably priced, his wine is great value too.

Located around a 15 minute stroll via the main road or country lanes in to the centre of Dalyan it was perfect for us walking off the
dinners if we ate out.

Dalyan its self as I mentioned is not a huge resort and has managed to retain a local feel to it, there are plenty of restaurants covering
most tastes and pockets. A couple of supermarkets give you the chance to stock up on drinks, water or food if you want to prepare anything in you room.

A market on Saturdays gives you the chance to try your haggling skills.

The excellent Iztuzu Turtle beach can easily be reached by either water taxi down the river or by local Dolmus, you get to see some lovely scenery either way although my favourite is down the river where you get to pass the rock tombs on the other side of the river. If you want you can get the small ferry or lets be honest and say rowing boat to the other side and then walk up past the fields of pomegranate trees to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kaunos and its amphitheatre.

There are a few excursions available from Dalyan and one I most highly recommend you go out on one of the local tour boats, small personal cruise of around 10 persons, you can either go down the river out to sea and explore some small private coves and go snorkelling or just enjoy the sun on the boat and beaches, alternatively you might prefer a trip up to the lake, visiting a couple of small villages and visiting the thermal mud baths, go get dirty covered in mud, great fun but be warned it gets EVERYWHERE.

Whichever cruise trip you go on you will have a great freshly cooked on the boat or beach bbq. Other excursions include trips to Fethiye, Marmaris, Oludeniz and I can recommend going out on a Jeep Safari.

Right enough of me rambling on, there are many choices of accommodation in Dalyan that you could consider and make up your own choice.

We have returned now to the same hotel many times and we regard Kudret as a good friend who will go out his way to help, he makes improvements to the hotel every year.

Weather wise, we have now visited in May and the weather was nice during the day although slightly chillier at night, June was hot, not so hot that we couldn’t go out and about, having a pool and air conditioning was great, both September and October have been really nice and possibly my favourite time to visit.

Oh the wine, you will find some very nice wines and not overly expensive so no worries there.

Anything else just ask.
Thank you, so much, Kiltman, for taking the time to do such an extensive and detailed post. :-D Especially after it deleted itself. (Isn't that annoying!)

This place sounds perfect, and our kind of place. Not too noisy, but enough going on. Thank you for the recommendation. x
I am assuming this place is self-catering? Does it have decent facilities? Thanks. x
Yes it is SC, as I said Kudret has his own restaurant serving excellent food.

All rooms have a fridge and kettle however he also has a fully furnished SC apartment which is ideal for those wishing to some or all cooking and catering.

As I mentioned it isn't 5 star, similar to properties in the likes of Greece it might be described as basic although very clean and very comfortable.

I think it is room 203? you would want, it is the best equipped.

As I said Kudret is brilliant, email him and ask about his SC apartment


or use the contact via the webpage http://www.dalyancentralparkotel.com/contact.html

Not sure if you would fancy cycling, Kudret has some bikes that you can jump on and go cycling, the area is very flat and also really quiet traffic wise so ideal to go out on a bike.
Hi there, I have read through what you’re looking for and Iused to work for first choice holidays on the accommodation helpline and maybe I
can give you some places to have a look at, I would firstly say this to you don’t
go AL or FB you don’t need to. Most people that go to Turkey go either B&B
or HB. Now places that you can relax, these days Turkey’s townshave grown, I recall a few years ago looking at Bitez from a place in Gumbet
and my partner asked me why I looked upset, I said I remember Bitez when it was
a lovely town and beach but tourism has taken over and they have destroyed the lovely
beach they had there. I go to a place and I have been there a few times it’s calledDalyan now I’m 58 and I love Dalyan because it’s not a massive town, there are lots
of hotels that on the riverside and I can recommend some to you if you like,
but when you were talking about what you want to do I would said that Dalyan
would suit you and what you’re looking for, now Turkey are not known for having
nice wines to be honest and ive have tried a few of them.When I go there I have stayed at the riverside hotel, I knowthe manager there and they will charge you £25.00 a night for a room that’s with
B&B and you can eat as much as you like, it’s a Turkish style breakfast and
its lovely. There are plenty of places in the to to eat as well, butwhen I go it go to the lockantos yes there is things that you help yourself to
but they also do a menu the lamb shanks are wonderful but you have to ask the
day before for them as they have to order them for you, I tried another place
that looked like a house but was a place to eat
we had a 3 course meal, drinks ect and for 2 of us it came to 109 trl at
first we thought they had made a mistake and asked them and them they thought
something was wrong and gave us 10% off the bill we just laughed about it all. But
then that’s turkey, but I would recommend that hotel another hotel is called
the BC spa I have stayed there but this time we wanted something cheaper so we
have found another hotel called the konknc su and I asked them how much for
B&B and they have told me its £14.00 a night which is even better you can
look these hotels on up the net as well on TTA they are all in there. You also asked about the temp, well I have been there inJune, July, Aug and sept and even Oct, In June would be just nice but July –
aug omg its far too hotIf you want to know any more things about turkey please askme I can tell you about all the resorts and what they are like Jon
I see somebody else now giving you a thumbs up for Dalyan :-D
My sister and I for the last 3 years have stopped at the Oren Apartments in Icmeler.
We love the place it is diverse you can chill on the beach, go on boat trips, jeep or horse safaris.
If you fancy going where it is lively you can get the dolmus into Marmaris which is really cheap.
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