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It's never occurred to me to check whether the knob on the inside of an airing cupboard works or not because it's never occurred to me that anybody would go inside and close the door behind them. How and why did she end up in it in the first place? As it happened in a timeshare that the family had owned for sometime, one would expect her to know the layout of the apartment and hence it would be unlikely that she walked into it by mistake? I'm very puzzled!
Very strange. I wonder if she was locked in by someone..
1. First night in the resort.
2. Alone.
3. Went into the en suite during the night to use the toilet.
4. *probably * didn't put the light on ( my assumption)
5. Got disorientated and mistook the door to the airing cupboard as the door that would lead her back to the bedroom.
6. Stepped inside and door closed behind her.
7. Door knob fell off as the door shut behind her.


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    predictive text Grrrr
Very strang case never come accross an airing cupboard that had a door stronger than the walls. Also if there was water leaking from the pipe how come nobody spotted that surely it would be laking out of the cupboard.
It sounds as if this was in a self-contained timeshare unit and that perhaps the alarm wasn't raised to send the maintenance team in to investigate the leak until it started leaking out under the front door? That could explain why it was nearly a week before they went in? Also, I've never come across an airing cupboard where the door opens inwards into the cupboard as is stated in some of the reports either - it wastes space inside the cupboard.

I think that perhaps there are reporting restrictions in place and that there is additional information that was known to the coroner but isn't being put in the public domain because the verdict was 'death by misadventure' ie the victim voluntarily put themselves in danger, rather than 'accidental death' where the victim was unknowingly placed in danger in circumstances beyond their control or that of others.

It is very tragic for the family concerned and nothing takes away from that but I also wonder whether they are being exploited by a 'no win, no fee' claims firm? In some of the reports it is alleged that the basis for the claim is compensation to cover the cost of the loss of the free childcare she provided for her grandchildren and I'm not sure that is one of the things that would come to mind for a grieving family unless the seed was sown by somebody else.
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