Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with a query please.
I booked a holiday via On The Beach back in March (prior to new “package regulations” enforced on 1st July) which included airport/hotel transfers via Holiday Taxis.

Our return transfer did not arrive, despite us reconfirming in advance, and contacting the emergency number to check its whereabouts. This resulted in us having to pay for a private taxi back to the airport.

When I returned home, I contacted On The Beach to report this, requesting a refund for the non-existent transfer and also asked for the out-of-pocket taxi expenses too (OK, might have been pushing it, there!)

I expected a simple apology and a refund so was not impressed when OTB refused, saying that Holiday Taxis wouldn’t refund as the transfer DID arrive, but was waiting in another road as ours was too narrow, which is within their Terms & Conditions.

Fair enough, but at no point were we ever given that information. Our paperwork said we would be collected from the hotel, we were dropped there (the road wasn’t “too narrow” then!), the re-confirmation stated it, and the emergency number said the transfer would be “at our hotel in 5 minutes”. Furthermore, if the transfer really was elsewhere, they made no attempt to contact us to let us know they’d arrived.

They sent a screen shot of a coach’s GPS co-ordinates to “prove” its arrival, although of course that doesn’t prove it was MY transfer, given that it was outside a different hotel!!

On The Beach closed the case after Holiday Taxis refused a refund, and suggested I contact ABTA if I wasn’t happy. I did, but they won’t help as they say OTB aren’t at fault as they were only acting as an agent for Holiday Taxis. ABTA said I should contact them directly (they’re not ATOL protected).
So I did…. and they refuse to deal with me directly as I booked through an agent and must go back to On the Beach!!!!!

Any suggestions? Have you encountered a similar issue? How was it resolved? It’s become a ridiculous matter of principle now... we paid for a transfer which didn’t arrive (in the manner we were told it would), should we not be refunded?

If anyone can suggest anything, I would be most grateful.
Thanks in advance to you all.