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Hi jayl

There is a "sticky" topic at the top of this forum regarding the yearly climate in Rhodes.

We have reviews of the Petit Palais Mitsis here

and the Grand Hotel Mitsis here


luci :wave
Hi Jayl,
Went to Rhodes Town in October 2 years ago.It was still very warm.Things were winding down for the season by that time so Bar St was very much quieter but shops and restaurants still open and a lot of people were about the whole island.You didn't really think it was October there (but you soon did when you arrived at your home airport!)
The weather can get a bit dodgy.We were lucky, got there delayed by 3 hrs, were expecting rain from checking the weather websites, got it but when we got up after a few hrs sleep, it had all gone and stayed away for our weeks stay.I would stay it's more a couples place to stay and you did see lots of couples about.
We went 3-4 years ago, half term time, we got lucky with the weather. Fingers crossed for you.

Alot of things were winding down, as someone else so rightly said. But you can get by, plenty of tavernas open and bars.

Rhodes town is a must, what a super place.

Can't help you re places you are enquiring about, we stayed in Ixia, I think it was called summer land. Haven't seen it for a while in some of the UK brochures. It was ok, sc, the pool was pretty murky, it was the last week of the season and it did only cost us £800 for 2 adults and 2 children!
I go to Rhodes every October (roll on 13th.!!) and have had lovely weather evry time bar one. 6 years ago we had rain for 3 days solid but the sun came back out after.Bar St. will be very quiet late october and many bars and restaurants in the town will have closed. However, you will still find plenty of places to visit and to eat and drink.The hotels you mention are in town and I know the Grand is open all year round so there will be a fair amount going on there. Have a lovely time.Anne
Early October is nearly always good but later in October the weather is slightly less predictable.
Chances are it will be fair and better than the UK but i have lived on the island and seen warm, sunny days and the other extreme, flooding after 7 days of rain!
If u don't mind taking a risk the odds are good n prices in October are v reasonable.
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