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Hi Mandy ... I am very sorry to read of your sad loss.

I'm afraid that I can't advise you specifically about Majorca. Hopefully other members may be able to assist, but if not, it may be worth contacting the Spanish Consulate in London on 020 7589 8989 or the British Consulate in Majorca at

As for flying, individual airlines operate their own policies with regard to carriage of cremated remains and it is important that you check that policy before booking.

Some airlines simply do not allow cremated remains, but that is not the norm.

In some cases you have to advise the airline at the time of booking, in some you just advise check-in staff on the day of travel, and others you don't have to advise at all as long as you comply with company policy, which is usually stated on their websites.

Generally, cremated remains should be carried in the sealed urn which is supplied by the crematorium. You may have to take along with you a copy of the death certificate as well as a copy of the cremation certificate. Again, individual company policy will determine whether you need to produce these at check-in or security, but you should carry them with you to produce on request at any time. Additional copies are not usually required, the originals are normally checked and returned immediately. It would normally be specified that the sealed urn should be placed in hand luggage. There is not usually a charge for carriage of cremated remains.

One thing that you would have to bear in mind is that if company policy states that urn should be 'sealed', you would have to disperse all ashes in Spain. You would be unable to scatter any in the UK beforehand or afterwards. If the urn does not have to be sealed, you may then bring some ashes back with you if you wish. This is perhaps something which you and your family may wish to give some thought to, as although Majorca is the most significant location in your minds at the moment, you may think of some equally important place in this country as time goes by.

Your questions are perhaps rare on these forums, but by no means strange. It is a very important issue which needs proper research if things are to go according to plan. This is part of the grieving process for you and your family, and it is vital that it goes without a hitch.

I hope that someone else may be able to advise you specifically about scattering cremated remains in Majorca.

Hoping all goes well.
Thanks for all the info David.
Luckily there are serveral airlines going out from brum or east mids for 2-3 days
I will start with the consulate and see what they have to say.
I am in contact with one of her friends out in Majorca who is going to contact a minister who will also tell us more info
Thanks again for your help
I have been in touch with BMIBady and its not a problem as long as we take all the proper documents.
All we have to do is notify them when we have made the booking and they can be carry on but if we dont want to carry them on there is a £70 charge made because they would have to go via another company but this isnt a probelm.
They have to be open so security can check tham if needed
Again thank you for your help
Hi Mandy

Sorry to hear about your berevement.

I hope that you manage to sort it out

But if you didn't tell anyone and then held your own private ceremony when it was quiet who would know?
I have had a reply from the consulate and its illegal to spread them in a public place.
But the manager of the hotel as offered his boat to go out to sea in the bay and scatter them there.
My moms sence of humour...she never liked the idea of the beach and all those kids making sand castles with her in the summer
So I think this will be perfect.
I have sorted out with the undertakers that I will need an unsealed casket and thats not a problem.
Her friends are sorting out a minister out there so now I think we are sorted.
A huge huge thank you
hi ..mandy...all the best in your endevours.
Thinking of you and your family, Mandy. I'm very glad you found your way through the red tape, and can now move on with dignity and happier memories.
I just want to say a big thank you for all your kind words and help.
Its all booked for the 16th December out in Palma Bay the hotel manager as offered his boat and her friends have sorted out the vicar BMIBaby have been a huge help too.
Thank you
Mandy and Family

Sorry I have only just seen this. I have emailed you, my thoughts are with you.

I am so sorry about your loss, but what a lovely thing to be able to do. My friend scattered his wife's ashes at sea as she died after a Caribbean Cruise so he went back to the same place. The Captain and staff on the boat were very caring and helpful, even giving him a chartered map of the exact location. It seems that they get asked to do this now and again. It was exactly what he needed to do and helped him enormously in the grieving process. I hope that it all goes according to plan for you.
Regards x
After all the help I recieved from the board I thought it only right that I report back and tell you how it went.

We didnt hit any problems at all with BMIBaby or secuirty at the airport

We arrive on Friday 15th to realy fowl weather and wondered if we had decided to do the right thing or infact if it would happen.
Me and my 2 sister were greeted by such warmth and love from our moms friends. They had arranged everything perfectly for the following day.
We met with Andres who informed us the weather was set to be just right for going out on the boat on the Saturday.

Saturday morning we all met in the reception of the hotel and went to Port Adriano in El Torro were the boat was mored and went 2 miles out to sea were the local vicar Robert Ellis performed a wonderful service. The weather was sunny and calm. It was a sad day but also a very happy day (if that makes sense) we knew we had done the right thing

I would like to thank David for all his help in pointing me in the right direction and everyone at the Matias who made it so obvious how much mom was loved out there also thanks to Terry and Pauline from Desprados were she always hired her scotter from and who had become very close to her over the years and for all thier help too. Pauline and Terry you are both gems

Hi Mandy ... thanks for the update, I had just been wondering earlier on how arrangements had gone. I am pleased to hear that there were no hitches. I hope that you now have some comfort from knowing that you did what was right for you, your family, and especially your mum.

Hi mandy
Is this the son matias as I need to do the same with my aunt and uncle's ashes?
Should I contact the manager direct as my aunt and uncle were also frequent visitors to that hotel and were well known to the hotel staff?

Kind regards

@Kathy Gough - this is a very old thread and Mandy hasn't signed into the forums for nearly 7 years!!
I have emailed her but of course she may have changed her email now.
I scattered my brothers ashes at Playa Formentor. Good spot as you can walk out onto one of the small boat jetties. It's illegal to do this in Spain of course but I put the urn in my suitcase, got the ferry out to the spot (you can get a bus or taxi also) and said goodbye. No problems.
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