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A few years old but here are some previous posts about this company.

additionally there are other posts under various destinations/topics. Some of our current members go on singles holidays and may be able to assist.
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Thanks I've read the posts and will see if anyone else comments
I've never done a specialist 'singles' holiday though I often go on holiday on my own but I think that the same issue can apply to any holiday. For example, as well as just going on my own on the standard hotel-based package, I regularly do go on the sort of activity holidays that often attract solo travellers eg walking or dance holidays - one of which ran with just 4 of us (a couple, a lone male and me). That turned out to be a really good experience because we all got on well, had dance classes each morning, could explore Granada of an afternoon and could then go out together of an evening and not overwhelm the smaller dance venues as can happen with large dance groups. On another dance trip I was one of just 5 people and that was less successful but it was mainly about the personalities of 2 of the other 4 people. I think that regardless of how many people there were in the group that they would have been uncongenial company who would have had a toxic effect on the experience but it's hard to know what the TO could have done about it.

On another occasion, I once found myself touring Western Cuba for a week with just 3 other travellers (a Danish couple and another lone female from Ireland) and then spent the second week touring the Eastern end of the Ireland on my own apart from the driver and guide. Talk about personal service! But if Havantur has taken your booking the tour runs whether there are 12 people or just 1 person!

Speaking personally I think that because the dates when I could go away in those days were very limited I think that I would have been very disappointed if any of those holidays had been cancelled because not enough people had booked. I wasn't going on any of them in order to meet people but rather to do and see certain things which I was able to do. I guess so much depends on what one's expectations are and I realise that it can be very disappointing when you are expecting one sort of holiday and end up with something very different regardless of the circumstances.
Thanks for your reply...its interesting to view other people's experiences and as you say it's about expectations. I am sure other companies would not run a trip without a minimum number but I will find out.
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