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Blimey that is a good deal, we are going to the Heritage March 10th and trust me it wasnt that price.

We go with Thomson though, this is our 5th time and have always gone with them.

Good luck with finding TC

They are taking me to Cuba on Wednesday so hope they havent gone missing there either

Went there many many moons ago
Fantastic white powder beaches
We stayed in Playa pesquero at hotel playa pesquero (spelling0)
Nice people and a fantastic holiday.
Your in for a treat

No worries concerning your flight, its just Goa they appear to have run off from
Good to see a familiar face on this very quiet board.
You been any where near vagator of late.

Saw this site few weeks back and did try to make enquiry but no availability.
It does seem that T.C have thrown the towel in for a packaged goa holiday for this March April

Scanned all normal avenues including cheapflights, skyscanner ect ect and no T.C flights coming up
Local Travel agents showing no availability either and can offer no explanation why.

Last package being run from them is 7 days from gatwick only on the 1st march

Very strange this one .

Catch u later pal
Yes does seem a bit strange, who knows what is going on ? I shall be in Vagator Monday night hopefully :) I am off at 8 in the morning and just finished packing lol :duh
Haven't TC gone all inclusive throughout? Might be why no Goa showing up
Its First choice that going all inclusive Fritz from May this year not T.C.
First choice are a part of the Thomson group.

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