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Hi Claire
I can understand how upset you are. Something simple like a cut can be the end of the world for your autistic child. I am sorry but I don't think you will be able to take this further( but I may be wrong). You are not sure what caused the cut. So therefore you didn't find any broken tile? However I would hope that the hotel ensured there was nothing wrong with the tiles or found whatever was in the pool? A first aider was there and also a member of staff accompanied you to the pharamacist. The pharmacist dealt with it but I am really surprised they said no to the beach. There are swim socks or sand shoes which are completely enclosed and would have allowed beach time, which he/she should have known about. Such a shame your holiday was ruined because of that.
Sorry but unless you have evidence that shows the hotel was at fault (eg photo of broken/missing tile) then I think you are on a hiding to nothing.
A kid cut his foot in a hotel pool in Rhodes when we were on holiday last year. His father spent considerable time in and around the pool trying to find what caused it but he never succeeded. However, quite a few of the holidaymakers were disobeying the rules and taking glasses to the pool area, particularly in the evening- we saw evidence of glass breakages on more than one occasion -would have been easy for a small piece to get swept into the pool and present a danger but the hotel management couldn't be held responsible as it is nigh on impossible to see glass on the bottom.
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