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The fact that there are telephone lines in the street doesn't guarantee that the installation of a telephone will be no problem. I depends on the capacity in the local exchange.

The line must be installed by Telefonica but once installed there are many options to make calls with other carriers.
Thanks for that, I have found the english Telefonica site and got a number to phone so fingers crossed!!!
I have been in and around the telefonica.es website
I cannot find where to make an application for a new line - everying else, but not that.
Can you help with a direction within the website, or failing that a phone contact number in the Rincon de la Victoria (near Malaga) area
and any assistance on how to go about it if poss from the UK as I will not be there for about a month and would like to get the ball rolling.
I used a company callled Elotek in Fuengirola. I have an email address for them if you PM me. Everybody seems to be an agent but these people speak english. You just email them your address, NIE number, passport number etc. and they arrange it all for you. Unlike telefonica in english (another agent), you can order a 'linea simple' (i.e one without a a rented phone). Installation costs around 75 Euros and monthly line rental is around 11 , all plus IVA.

As for when it will be installed is anyone's guess. I gave about a months advance notice from when I was moving over. Whilst over on a quick visit in early Jan I chased Elotek and they said end of January possibly. Telefonica then turned up the next day whilst I was out. But after a call to Elotek, Telefonica came back in the afternoon.

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