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Hi Louisa,
oh boy have you got some paperwork to do. A residence permit will cost 800 ytl each. Takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete. You will also need to open a limited company to trade. This also relies on your residency. Try to get a combined work and residency. the cost to open the company is about £1000 unless you have a Turkish partner. You will also need a tourist licence which is bloody extortionate. The way around this is to use an agency, but they want a percentage.
Hope this hasn't put you off
Thanks again for that, guessed it would be a paperwork mountain! any ideas how and where i should start this process? Tessekur Ederim
Get an english speaking solicitor in Dalaman. They will do the whole process for you at a cost. maybe your estate agent can help.
Yes an english speaking solicitor is a good idea. Also your estate agent should be able to help you with advice about residency and where to go for other details.
1. If you are paying 1000 GBP to open a company you are being well and truely ripped off. 2. Wether you have a turkish partner or not makes no difference to the cost of registration- having a partner at all cost a bit more but it doesent matter a jot if the partner is turkish or not.
it is high Bryn i agree. But a foreign national has to open a limited company which is 1750 YTL. add cost of work permit and someone doing it for you and there is not much change from 2500 ytl. I understand that to open a limited company you do need a partner and residency. Even if the partner only owns 1%. The Turkish nationals can open a nonlimited company for as little 500 YTL but this is not open to foreigners. Also you have to pay tax, and accountant every month. This can be another 200 YTL even if you are not earning money.
best advice is to get several quotes from different solicitors/accountants and ask for a full breakdown of costs.
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