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Having never had to buy such an item I've never noticed it in Cyprus...but then I wouldn't be looking for it :wink:

However the largest supermarket closest to your resort is Orphanides in Paralimni, it's only a bus ride/short car ride away and I think if anyone would stock the SMA it might be them.

You can contact them via email on or Tel: +357-23829600, Fax: +357-23829691.

If you don't get a reply via email within a few days consider ringing them, most of the staff speak excellent english so you shouldn't have a problem.

Good luck
You might be better off leaving the nappies, wipes, toys at home and getting them over there and taking the babies forumula with you. You'll def get the other things although maybe not your normal brand but it doesn't really matter, as with baby forumula you need to stick to the same one.

we are going to pernera for a fortnight in oct with our baby (he will be 10 months then) and we use reusable nappies and baby wipes so i am going to take about 7 nappies with us and use the laundrettes. when you think about it they will be in swimmies most of the day so you only need nappies for tea time onwards. we also thought we would buy some toys there and just leave them at the end of the hols. one thing i would like to know though is does the pushchair count in your luggage allowance???


No, a pushchair does not count in your baggage allowance and you will be allowed to keep it with you right up until boarding the plane where a baggage handler will take it from you just as you board so you will still be able to use it in the terminal.

fatcodycat 8)
thanx very much!!
Lindsay - not sure if you know where a launderette is but we stayed at the Issac Apartments last year and they have one in the basement of the hotel, very reasonably priced and you dont have to be staying there to use it.
thanx bluemax we are staying at the toxotis and we stayed there last year so know they have a laundrette but if we have any probs with it we know where to go!! thanx.
thanks for your advice.

in middle of packing now. Just hopefully remember everything essential.........

note to self....leave the kitchen sink!!!!
hope you have a fab time barbe and i hope you dont miss your kitchen sink too much!!!! let me know what it was like taking baby away with you so i can be prepared in oct. thanx!!!
We are taking a four month old baby out to Ayia Napa. If anyone can give me advice on the following it would be so appreciated:

(1) Sun tan lotion - can you use this on a baby of only four months - we have been advised No.
(2) We also have SMA Gold baby powder - has anyone found out if the shops stock it out there - even if In Paralimini it would be okay for us to take a taxi to there?
(3) Is the bottled water okay to use to make up baby powder - I ahve been told only evian water is okay - does anyone else know?
(4) Has anyone took a baby out as young as four months old - can you given them cooled boiled water - we are being advised only she should drink milk but I imagine the heat over there and that milk would not be that good at quenching her thirst.
(5) does anyone know how to change a baby in the aeroplane is there baby chaning facilities?
(6) Is there any particular advice relating to what a baby should wwear out in Cyprus - I have heard of UVfactor 50 clothing - is this worth getting?

Any advice would be so appreciated.

Nivea do a baby sun tan lotion which is 50+ - I have never heard anywhere that you are not supposed to put sun tan lotion on babies?? but the best thing to do is to keep them in the shade when possible anyway.

We gave our youngest cooled boiled water on holiday as opposed to drinking milk and it does help keep them rehydrated - we have our own travel kettle that we take with us even though my two are now past the age where we need boiled water for them, now its just for my cups of tea!! :lol:

Changing facilites in aeroplane -- there "should" be a pull down baby changing table in the toilet or rather just above the toilet!! which airline are you flying with?? perhaps you could email or phone to check but i would be very suprised if there is not a changing table in the loo. Also dont be afraid to ask the cabin crew to do stuff like warm up bottles for you and ask for extra pillows and blankets just to make the journey abit more bearable!!

Another thing to do is to give baby a bottle on take off and landing - it helps with the pressure in their ears.

Hope someone else can answer the baby milk question for you too and that you have a good time!!

Fatcodycat 8)
I took my 11 month old to turkey in july i was told on one a website that they sold baby food and formula in the resort where we were going,but i still took 1 weeks worth of jars 1 tub of formula and swim nappies and im glad i did as i couldnt find them anywhere.Normal nappies and wipes were everywhere so i needent have taken those,i took a travel kettle and bought bottled water my daugter was old enough that i didnt have to boil the water but i think up until 6 months even bottled water has to be boiled and cooled first becuase it isnt sterile.i bought a 50 factor baby block from tesco and put her a t shirt on in the pool and kept her head covered with a baby scarf at all times and took her parasol for the buggy in my hand luggage,i put all my electrical items and some shoes and other items in my hand luggage so i could fit the food and formula in the case.Just remeber to take your bottle brush and washing liquid becuase i forgot and had to clean the bottles with a toothbrush.If you have a microwave in your room you can take steriliser bags for your bottles or you can get milton tables and do them in the sink if you have to but i am so glad i took the travel kettle though it was that warm in the evening my daughter was quite happy to have a cool bottle.I didnt use the uv wetsuit but my friend says they are a must for her daughters,i dont know if you will be able to find formula in cyprus but personally i wouldnt take my chances id rather have the formula in the case and buy my shoes when i get there they take up roughly the same amount of space and weight.hope this helps
hi folks,

just back from our fantastic holiday in Pernera beach,protatas!!

I use SMA gold and was told you can get the same make in Orphanides which is the main town supermarket near Paralimini. Don't chance it cos its a different name something like S2-gold and i wasn't 100% sure if that was the same. We took 2 tins for 2 weeks. A pain, though worth it. Came back with approx half tin.

For a baby of 4 months i would use cooled boiled water(bottled). We used bottled and warmed (sometimes) it. Our little one is now 10months.Ask your health visitor though.

It's gloriously warm over there right now so i would suggest you invest in one or two surf suits with the little hats. Our babes was in and out of the pool and in the shade all day except when she had her middle of the day nap in the aircon room.

Don't bother with nappies, swim nappies and baby jars (if weaned). You can get all that over there but remember to make up bottles for the flight or use cartons although they will have to be opened and tasted. (They don't bother when flying back home though).

Hope this helps!!?

Have a fab time

Im soooo jelious :wink:
ps. Nivea for children/babies is great. Factor 40 isn't too creamy and soaks in. any higher and it's like a white-out.
thanks for that barbe, glad you had a great time i am getting excited now. was it still warm on a night for little one or will i need some hoodies for him? thanks, lindsay.
Our first week was roasing! We had to strip babes when out at night down to her nappy but 2nd week it cooled slightly. Enough to keep bodysuit on when out. Remember aircon can be cool in your apt though so good idea to take a couple of sleepsuits.

I did a washing at end of our first week which helped with amount of clothes needed. There's plenty of lauderette's around which only take 30 mins per wash.

Enjoy :lol:
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