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just the usuals... make sure she has a current passport with at least 6 months after return date, make sure she has her
own holiday insurance, and do make sure you know if she has any medical problems, allergies etc..

thanks for the reply wizard, just common sense then really.......

enjoy your jollies!!!!!!! :)
Hi , don't do what we did when our daughter was small.We payed so much attention to the friend so she felt comfortable ,our own daughter threw a wobbly and caused a major upset. :rofl :wave: ;)
Do you need to get the parental consent letter witnessed by a solicitor, or is a simple letter enough? I am interested to know, as we intend to take our grandchild away in the future and want to make sure we do things correctly. One travel company site recommended a "notorised" (?) letter of consent, also allowing you to consent to medical treatment in the event of an emergency.
thanks for the replies

we shall just get a letter stating that mr and mrs xxxxx give permission for mr and mrs xxxxx to take there daughter xxxxxx to turkey on the 18 sept 2008, returning 24 sept 2008.
we also give permission for any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary, to be carried out.

i would think that would do, but i will make sure i take all there phone numbers too, just incase, its queried
hi there, just a word of warning be prepared to be interviewd at the airport, as this happened to us, we was returning from holiday, and my firend had her granddaughter with her, she was questioned by the lady on the passport control and then by a plain clothes police man, it wasnt too bad but just a bit intimadating, i understand why they do it, it proves i suppose that they do take things seriously.
We took our son's friend on holiday with us last year. First Choice told us that we needed a letter from her parents giving us permission to take her plus phone numbers ... but no-one at Bristol or Faro asked to see any documents.

Have a lovely time :D
It's perhaps worth bearing in mind that whilst the enquiry from K&R which started this topic is specifically in relation to Turkey, the requirements of other countries may vary. Some countries require documentary evidence not just if you are taking someone else's child into the country, but also if you are travelling as a single parent with your own child. That same documentary evidence may also have to be produced at the end of the holiday, before you are allowed to take the child back out of the country.

If you are taking someone else's child on holiday with you, or travelling as a single parent with your own child, it would be worth checking with the Embassy of the country concerned to see if specific evidence of parental responsibility or temporary guardianship is required.

David :wave
good point david, thankyou for pointing that out, i shall see what i can find out.
Taking friends daughter on holiday to costa del sol in august she is 17, Do we need to get a letter of permission from her parents to take with us? never gave it a thought till i read this post.
Yes definately, Your travel agent should of really informed you of this, we had to last year as my friend took her Granddaughter and was questioned at the airport and had to produce the letter. Hope this helps.

Thanks, we have booked the holiday diy, and are going to a private villa. Will ask Daughters friend to get letter off parents for flight and in case of emergiencies.
something else to bear in mind, if you are taking someone elses child, make sure they have travel insurance, and you have any phone numbers you may need , just in case!

thanks for all the replies!
We took my son's friend last year, and got her mum to do a letter. Other than that we made sure she had an EHIC card, and that her mum had booked her a separate insurance. This was for a holiday to Spain.

We weren't asked for anything so we could have been stealing anyone's child and no one would have noticed. Given that it was not long after Madeleine McCann went missing I was quite surprised at the lack of checks.
After reading this thread i feel I need to ask a question.

My 14 year old son is going on holiday with his girlfriend and her dad to Turkey 2 weeks today. Do I need to provide a letter of consent to her dad?
I hadn't even thought about it until reading this.
Her dad has arranged the insurance and I've read the policy and it seems fine to me.
Do I need to state in the letter that I hand over parental responsibility over to him for the duration of the holiday?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Yes you certainly do, all children under the age of 18 need confirmation of consent to travel, I was told this by a reliable sorce and if you read the earlier posts this was proved correct when we arrived at the aiport. Hope this helps.
Speaking as a teacher who frequently takes other people's children away and also has taken friends of my own children on holiday with us. Make sure that you have written consent to make decisions regarding medical consent etc for the child. Make sure that you get a potted medical history such as allergies etc. Make sure if they have medication that you have sufficient to last the holiday (eg asthma inhalers have a nasty habit of running out unexpectedly) Get a photocopy of their passport (and your own) and keep them separate to your real ones. If in the EC then make sure they have the plastic equivelent of the old E111 and make sure that they either have their own holiday insurance or that your policy covers them. Make sure you have 24 hour contact numbers fr parents such as Home, mobiles and work numbers.
an update.....

we had no problems taking my daughters friend with us, we have even booked her onto our summer 09 hols now...

we took letter of consent, this contained consent for any medical /emergencies too.......

contact details for the friends mum, including all phone numbers, and full adress.....

we also took a seperate travel insurance for daughters friend, that her mum had arranged, this did say on it, it was for a 13 yr old, travelling without parent...

we also made sure the friend knew our full address, phone number, had my numbers in HER mobile phone, so if anything did happen, she had our contacts, to maybe prove she knew us :yikes

she aslo had ICE in her phone.......IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.....her mums mobile, so if anything did happen and we needed help, we could find the number asap
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