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There is an Isla Canela website, run by an apartment owner, you may find some help on there with regard to transfers. Regards, Scoyas.
Can anyone advise from experience whether the Taxis at the airport are more expensive or approx. the same.

... Almost invariably more expensive than a pre-booked transfer.
We go to costa esuri which is on they way to IC but find it easier to hire a car would this be an option.
Are the roads from the airport into Spain and on towards Isla Canela very good? What are teh approx rates for car hire and coudol you recommend a good company?
Thanks for replying ali47
Will check out that link scoyas.....many thanks
Bridgette, the roads are fabulous and it's a pleasant and direct drive from Faro airport to Isla Canela. I would say it'll take about 1-1.5 hours max, as you'll obviously be taking it a little more careful, unknown route and roads etc, I do the same drive quite regularly and have done the drive in about 45 minutes. I would happily recommend economy car hire, based in UK, all inclusive rates, and I either book via them or direct with TravelRent. Costing depends upon the time of year, with the usual seasonal charges, but you are covered for 2 drivers, all inclusive, and OK to take the car into Spain. Hope this helps. Regards, Scoyas.
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