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Perhaps I am just an optimist but the only problems I think there will be will be longer queues at passport controls. Let's hope I am right :)
The government can't let the airspace close, I'm sure that wouldn't happen as the fall out from it would be epic! Not only is it unfair to our freedoms and rights to travel but what about those that rely on air travel for work purposes or all the stuff that gets flown in and out the country on cargo planes? What happens to airports, airlines and their staff? What happens about transatlantic travel if they all close? It's just not practical.
Its just ridiculous. What about non EU countries? Don't they fly into Europe? :hmmm
Exactly, there's just no sense in it. Look at places like the Balearics, Canaries, Benidorm etc, they'd all be near enough ghost towns if the Brits were stopped from flying.

Also how would Brits get to places like Thailand, India etc without flying over Europe, it'd be a bloody long way round to go the way passing America and Australia on the way!!
I think there's a lot of scaremongering going on with this. Europeans fly into the UK for business and pleasure too. There has to be a deal worked out because the damage to every country in the EU economically will be catastrophic...
I wish I shared everybody elses' optimism - a bit like Which, I'd prefer a bit more from our Government than 'Trust us, everything will be OK'. For example, we now all enjoy the right to compensation for delayed/cancelled flights because of EU legislation - once we leave will the Government ensure that we continue to enjoy the same protection or not? Also, a lot of airport infrastructure has been funded by EU projects, especially the smaller regional airports - will the Government continue to fund similar improvements to pour money into transport infrastructure in the future?
I don't know that it's optimism as such but more a feeling that they couldn't possibly do such ridiculous things.

It is shocking how little is still known about the consequences of this disastrous decision! A decision that shouldn't have been allowed to made while zero information was out there!
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