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It looks like it may well have backfired. Some of the comments state that the call centre is in South Africa but that it is legit. I certainly wouldn't be giving out details.
A bit more googling....

It 'appears' to be Thomson's off shore/outbound/ outreach teams trying to get some more money out of you, and if they persuade you over the phone, just remember your card number is in their system.

Not acceptable 😈

If it's genuinely from Thomson, I'm assuming they've looked at my booking and noticed that apart from increasing our baggage allowance, I haven't booked any further 'extras'.

Cheeky sods, they're getting enough money out of me. And they send me enough emails trying to flog me 'extras' without bloody phoning me too.

You can't be too careful these days. I'm not pleased. 😈

Sanji x
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To be fair, this isn't new - I can remember this happening in the past,particularly when we had booked long haul holidays - certainly had the "hard sell" once, for Premium upgrade on holiday to the Caribbean when we had booked extra legroom already - the lady couldn't understand why I didn't want to pay another ~ £400 for a bit of extra luggage and some free booze!!
I have recently booked a holiday with Thomson online, at the end of the booking process it informed me that a confirmation email would be sent. I waited a cuple of days no email so after some searching i found a contact number which cost 10p per min it took a while but after numerous options got to speak to an Indian sounding lady who had dificulty understanding me and me understanding her, eventually she managed to find my booking and gave me my reference number and said she would re -send the email. She then started trying to selll me add ons I told her I didn#t want any or to listen to any offers and ended the call. After another couple of days still no email. So after trawling the thomson website I managed yo find another Customer Services number whic wasnt 10p a minute and spoke to someone in a UK office she was very helpfull and tried to send me emails while I was talking to her to 2 of my email addresses these didnt come either. She then said their IT system was being upgraded so I assiumed that was why no emails. As I had my booking reference I was able to acces my account but still needed to look up other dtails such as flight numbers. I was able to then access my confirmation and print the E ticket.As of yet i have not received any emails I am rapidly loosing my faith in Thomson/ Tui.
Thomson also seem to be slow concerning the hurricane just now. I noticed BA immediately came up with various options for passengers( and that is even with Customer Care being at an all time low IMO) but Thomson/Thomas Cook remained pretty silent.
There's this on their FB page as well:-

Click here
thompson phoned me twice to get me to upgrade to premium she could not wait to put the phone down after i tore in to her for the shambles they created with my upcoming holiday having to be changed by them.:argue
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