Travel Agency Complaints

Do you have a complaint against a travel agent and how you have been dealt with during or after booking your holiday? For help and advice post in here.
I've seen problems on a number of occasions on other company webforms with the reCAPTCHA facility which tries to detect automated forms. That might well be what is happening to you. I'm sorry I don't have a definite solution but I'd try the usual things of clearing all cookies and browser history before you start completing the form, sometimes you have to make sure that your browser isn't blocking cookies by default in the browser settings, and sometimes you might need to enable popups (but this is not usually a good idea to leave switched on permanently).
TUI don't these days offer an eMail address - they did in the distant past but it must have been too expensive to support and now does not seem to exist. I seem to remember someone posting a list of Thomson senior management eMail addresses for frustrated communicators to use - I'll try to look it out. Another option is to send a message via the Thomson Facebook page, they do seem to respond, and private messages are possible. However using that route, a lot depends on which one of their staff picks up your message - some try really hard to be helpful, but a few try very hard to brush you off and make you go away.
You could try going via the Resolver website. If it is a complaint that looks for compensation - flight delay for example it will finish up with them most likely anyway. The site does have templates for complaints and costs nothing. Martin Lewis website recommends it as well. I do have an address at home on one of my laptops but am in Spain for another week.
Cheers for this, kind of makes sense, I've looked over the OP and have used the Resolver facility... very comprehensive..

Cheers for the response Bill
Brilliant, just logged on and lodged the complaint there, gives you the facility to upload evidence, receipts, images etc and provides a full breakdown of the complaint at the end..

I'll keep the forum up to date with any response.

The crux of the complaint is that I was misinformed by two Tui Reps on different days about my flight home, which due to the identical information supplied by both I missed my return flight... no biggie as it cost me 150 Euros for another flight home via JET 2...

I was advised by the girl in Branch (whom I booked through) to email her the complaint and she would forward on to TUI directly, I duly did this on the 6th far nought, no acknowledgement or any progress update from the girl at the branch despite two emails to her, she hasn't given me any information regarding any progress...after 8 weeks this is unacceptable... at the time of writing I must say I am disappointed in her for not being in any way proactive.

Thanks again.

Good luck Stuart, please let us know how you get on 👍
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