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we have just booked to go last 2 weeks of oct, having been the last few years in oct it can be lovely but also we have had a few days of rain and storms, the weather in the day when its nice is around 23-26 ish and cool at night so a lightweight jacket or cardy is needed at night. it depends on which resort you decide upon to how busy etc it will be, it is the end of the season but most places will still be open and if you go to a resort thats open all year round then obviously everywhere will be open, which is were we go, i go to a traditional turkish resort as i dont like the loud busy resorts so much. good luck and im sure you will love turkey
Which resort are you going to? I lived near Bodrum and gumbet for a few years and things were open up until the end of October. Some places start to close down in the lasy few weeks but there were always enough places open, plus you will get some good shopping bargains as they try to sell off the last of the summer stock.

The weather is usually nice, warm enough in the day for the pool or beach but getting chilly in the evenings. You may get the odd day of rain but that time of year it doesn't usually last long.
We've looked at Gumbet and Olu Deniz, it was a choice between Tenerife and Turkey but I've been to Tenerife a few times now and would love to go to Turkey, it looks lovely and I know you can't always go by the lovely brochure pictures but the hotels just seem to be such a better standard. I couldn't stand the heat wave weather they have had over the past few years but I do like to sunbathe and would feel robbed if I went away and couldn't lounge around in the heat! :sun2 That was my MAIN concern!

Thanks for your replies xxx
Well if you go to Gumbet you will still find lots going on and you will still be able to lounge around in the heat :sun2

having been to both resorts olu deniz in my opinion is far nicer, the scenery is gorgeous and the beach area of the lagoon is fab, everyone likes different things, have a read up on the reviews and decide which suits you best
If I was yourself I would try something in the Dalaman region first, Bodrum area always seems to have a light breeze thats great in peak summer but wouldnt be in October, Last year I was twice in October 5th to the 12th Marmaris sun every single day about 30 and 14 in darkness, 19th to the 26th Icmeler again sunshine the whole 7 days about 28 and 12 in darkness. At least 60% of restauraunts in Icmeler were still open for business and very cheap also, I generally found Gumbet to be far more expensive than Icmeler for everything, Happy hunting and have a great holiday.
I have been three times in October and you can get a few storms, usually at night and they don't last that long usually nice and hot in the daytime. Another one here for Olu Deniz in October and if you time it right the paragliding championships are on and can be quite busy with parties on the beach.

Off to Icmeler in May for me but hope to look for a late deal in October.
I was in Icmeler last year from 3rd to 18th and every day was warm and sunny apart from 1 which was still warm but cloudy.
We had a shower of rain that lasted about 1 hour.
Everywhere was open when we were there and they apparently reduce their prices for the last few weeks of the season.Efes 1TL!
Thats great thanks very much for all your replies. Just trying to decide which hotel to go to, there are so many lovely ones to choose from! :think
Thanks again xx
We stayed at Siesta Beach in Gumebt last October and that was lovely, right on the beach and about 10 minutes from the centre of the resort.
I don't want to put a dampener on things but we went to Olu Deniz in October half term 2007 and the weather was dreadful. Torrential rain,flooding, so cold I had to wear jeans and thick cardigan some days.
To be fair we were told by the locals that this was unusual but as you said your main concern was not being able to lie in the sun I thought someone ought to mention the weather is by no means guarenteed in October.
We still had a fantastic time despite coming home without a tan though.
The paragliding festival was on and the atmosphere was great. If you do decide to go I would highly recommend the Belcekiz Beach in Olu, fantastic staff, fab food, couldn't get a better location. :wave:
My wife and I were in Bodrum for the last week in October - 1st week in November last year and the weather was great - hot in the day and warm enough at night to just wear a light sweat shirt .
Things were starting to close down but still lots of places to eat and drink .
We did a few trips and there was more of a relaxed feel to the Town than there is in the Summer months.

We were in Bodrum October 2007 and the weather was really nice apart from 1 night of rain and 1 cloudy day. Just shows how different it can be from one place to another.
We were in Icmeler in October 2006 and had a spectacular storm that lasted 1 night.
Further along the coast around Olu Deniz it lasted 3 days.
yes we were in fethiye 2006 and the storm lasted 3 days it was horrendous then oct 2007 in icmeler and we had pouring rain for around 2-3 days ,last oct we were in istanbul and that was torrential rain for 3-4 days, so we have had some good and some bad days in oct
Tell me where you are going this October Ellie and I will make sure we book somewhere else :rofl
The storms seem to follow you!
Absolutely :rofl I have been in Turkey in October a lot and I have never had really bad weather
We were at our house in Gumbet from 22 October to early November and the weather was lovely. We sat out on the balcony for breakfast every morning and walked round in sleeveless t-shirts and shorts every day. In the evening, we wore a light cardigan if we felt chilly.

We love it at the end of the season. Everybody has more time for you and you can walk round without hordes of others bumping into you (that sounds awful but I'm sure you know what I mean). Yes some of the shops and restaurants in Gumbet were closed and more closed at the very end of October but Bodrum was still alive - and much nicer than in the height of the season when you're likely to get "run over" by one of the "crocodiles of people" off the cruise ships!!

We have a pool at our place and although it was chilly, we found the sea okay to paddle in. What we liked also was that the heat was less fierce than in the summer so you could actually walk along the beach or around town without melting.

The peninsula is great to tour round as well and it's so easy by dolmus - and fun. We hire a car when we're over there and did some fantastic trips out to places where the dolmus don't go. Also, if you hire a car at that time of the year, the roads are quieter.

Hope you have a great time wherever you go.
each oct i go different dates, last oct it was half term week, the year before was around 16th oct for a week then the previous year around 6th for a week, this oct ive booked up for half term so ill pack my brolly lol. previous years to 2006 we have had lovely weather in oct, think its just a matter of luck
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