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UV Tents
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My wife did buy one, we used it for the first year but then never bothered with it again.
I bought one of these tents a few years ago for my grandaughters and they have used it a lot as they just pop up so can be used indoors.My daughter takes it on holiday as they now have a baby brother and its handy if he has an afternoon nap.I think I only paid £20 for it from Argos or Index.
Have used one for the past few years and just bought a new one from Early Learning for twenty pounds. We also use it in the garden or days out.

The Early learning one, I think is the best we have had. It folds into a round bag with a carry strap. It's about 40 inches diameter and three inches thick when folded. Very lightweight. It also has sand pockets on all four corners and the front 'door' is attatched at the bottom and lays out like a mat or does up with velcro.

I like this one as at the front it has like a little porch!

Throughly recommended. Great for eating ice cream in and also putting your lotions and drinks in on the beach!

reading all your replies to koalabear. I am thinking of buying one now, my children are 3 and 8 and would welcome some shade as they love the
beach, and stay there for hours,

thanks gail..............
they do come in very handy for lots of things, when your abroad there good for getting changed in but we found it whey to hot to use for the kids the heat inside was unbearable, but in this country there great wheather it be keeping the kids out of the sun,useing it for babys to feed and change them or we brought a small one for the dogs to keep them out of the sun, they are also very good if its a bit cool while on the beach, ok ive said far to much :lol:

fizz xx
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