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General Holiday Enquiries? Got General Hints & Tips? Post Them Here.
1. Do your research BEFORE you go (so you don't end up in a noisy hotel/resort full of 18-30s falling into the pool drunk!) and take the info. with you (in case the holiday co. try to pull a fast one)
2. DON'T take too many clothes with you (invariably, my wife ends up at the end of the holiday with a couple of piles of stuff that hasn't even been unfolded!)
3. Chill out when travelling (you will get there eventually) but don't hit the bottle if you get delayed (personal bitter experience!!!-a hangover from Hell on a 9 hour flight)
4. Have patience (does it really matter if your meal takes an hour to arrive - you ARE on holiday!!)
5. Organise your budget - nothing worse than having to "economise" for the second week because you went mad in the first week!
6. ENJOY!!
Definitely that I don't need loads of clothes with matching jewelry & other accessories, but that's probably because we don't go clubbing. Was going to add an "anymore" to the clubbing then realised that we never did actually go clubbing on holidays! Have tottered home to birdsong as a result of sitting outside a bar somewhere though 😉

Never to drink alcohol on the night before you travel home 😱 Nothing worse than a hangover when you're on the move. My friend & I woke at 8.30am & were due to be picked up at 9am. Not good, although we thought it hilarious at the time.

Now our son is older don't travel during school holidays 😁
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