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Ixia was the first resort on rhodes, it has many hotels and is geared toward the tourist lifestyle. A lot of the hotels in Ixia tend to be of a pretty good standard. I don't know the hotels you mention but generally ixia is ok.

Up side:
Near the airport... no lengthy transfers
Loads of bars and restaurants
Near the beach
Close to Rhodes Town for a day trip or night out

Down side:
It is near the airport - you get some aircraft noise most of the time.
The beaches are pebbles
There is normally a wind blowing
It's becoming a bit 'dated'
It is less popular than it used to be.

The Lito is on the main road to Rhodes Town. Quite old but friends of mine stayed there and said though dated it was clean and comfy with pleasant staff. Sorry, don't know anything about the Natalie.Plenty of restaurants in Ixia though mainly geared to tourist and not typically Greek.The beach can get very windy. Why not try the town itself? HTH. Anne

Ixia is quite small with a pebble beach has some nice restaurants,the Nathalie Hotel is a small friendly place run by Lisa (who is from Scotland) and is married to Yannis. Rhodes town is only 5mins away bus service is pretty good or a taxi is only 5 or 6 Euro
Thanks for the replies,it sounds OK .
The main reason we picked Ixia, was that in the Olympic brochure it said that transfer times from the Airport to Lindos are 2.5 hours!!!! I have since checked other brochures and they all say 1.5 hours!
Maybe Olympic use donkeys :lol:
Anyway, I think we still fancy Ixia as the Nathalie sounds like good value and it is run by a fellow Scot 8)
Just have to find the best deal now :wink:
I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in Rhodes wherever you stay. Enjoy! :)
Hi, i used to rep on the island and Ixia was my first resort so i know it well.

The Lito is on a main road (so not very quiet) but very central, unfortunately i don't know the Nathalie. A good basic hotel, particularly as you prefer a quieter location is Hotel Pine Trees - quiet spot, a short walk to the centre and very well maintained/run.

Ixia is a fairly large resort that has built up along the main coast road. A great choice of restaurants and bars though very much a purpose built resort (if that bothers you?). It's a great base as Rhodes town is a very short bus/taxi ride away and even in walking distance, depending on the location of your hotel. A local bus in the opposite direction will take you to Trianda, a similar size resort but also a small town, so better for shopping. Inland of Trianda is Filerimos, where you'll find the remains of ancient Ialysos, a monastery and one of the best views of the west coast. A further 5/10 min. bus journey takes you into Kremasti where you can visit the largest church on the island and still watch the old greek men sipping coffee and playing backgammon outside the library.

Hope this helps and feel free message me if you'd like to know anything specific.

Marcus :D
Ixia is close to Rhodes town itself - almost a suburb. Passed through it quite a lot on the way to from Thols/Rhodes town or airport. Stony beach, generally breezy. Typical of Rhodes Aegean coastline. Probably good for windsurfers or kite-surfing - not for general lazing around and swimming in the sea. I'd head towards the Mediteranean side out of choice if I went again.
Thanks to everyone who replied,we are now booked for the Nathalie Hotel in Ixia for 2 weeks in October :D :D :D
Can't Wait!!!!
Cheers :glynis
HI Dot,
We stayed in the Lito last year and enjoyed it very much. The hotel could do with a bit of a refit in the public areas but the rooms were lovely. Sorry I didn't read your post earlier but I'm sure the Nathalie is every bit as good.
Ixia is a strange place in that it just stretches along the main road from the airport, but although our hotel was right on the road there was no road noise when we were lying at the pool or in our room. We had about a 10 min walk to the main area where most of the restaurants were located. It's great advantage is the short taxi ride ( approx £4 into Rhode town....gorgeous) Oh and the wind that blows is brill for keeping temps bearable!
If you like excellent food please go to the 'Gourmet Restaurant' which is up a street from the main road. The food is exquisite....probably the best I've had anywhere. It's run by a husband & wife team and you'll be convinced that Greek food is one of the great cuisines of the world after eating here!! Definitely worth paying more for the experience. Enjoy your holiday & if your want any more info please ask! :wave
Hi ,
Thanks for the info on Ixia ,the Gourmet Restaurant sounds great ,I can't wait to try it as we love Greek food.We also plan to visit Rhodes town as well as trying to see the rest of the Island!
Only 5 and a half months to go! :( Still we are off to Cyprus in 3 weeks :D
We visited Rhodes for the first time last year and hope to return this October. Having been to many islands I must say that Rhodes was one of the best...the old town is brilliant...Ixia was a good base and has some great shops and bars. Our fave bar was Fat Man Slims on the main road opposite the hairdressers....a great welcome, great food, great cocktails etc thanks to Ray and Alex for making our stay so memorable- we will be back!!
:P Hi there, I have stayed in ixia a few times as well as my parents who go at least once a year. Ixia has many good places to eat and is only 5 mins in a taxi from rhodes town if you want something special. Rhodos Garden resturant does nice food as does Olympic which is run by a great guy and his german wife its at the end of the stretch of resturants towards rhodes town but is lovely
If you're walking from the airport and carrying your cases and using sticks or a wheelchair, it will take 2 1/2 hours. At the most a taxi will take 15 mins and well worth the cost, just check the fares with the driver before you set off.

Hi There Dot......
I am sure you will enjoy your stay at Nathalie, it is in deed small and friendly, spotlessly clean, nicely situated, away from the main road, friendly staff.
Bars, restaurants, shops and the beach, are within a very short walking distance. Can't go wrong if you are wanting a nice meal, bottle of wine in a local restaurant/taverna.
I will see you in October because I also work at the Nathalie!
Hi K,
My husband and my brother are staying in the Nathalie they booked in the early hours of this morning. We stayed there a couple of years ago and had a great time.

Snappy Cathy....I have just had a G+T with them, shall look after them for you. I recognised them immediately. They have been to Napoli this evening for their dinner.
I am the receptionist at the Nathalie so you and I have already met!
Hi K,
Hope those two are behaving themselves :roll: We had a good time in the Nathalie loved the garden were i could read my books and pop up to the snack bar for their lovely apple pie and cream. Do you still have the quiz nights? they where a lot of fun. Maybe see again sometime.

Cathy :glynis
Hi K :wave
Nice to hear from you and we look forward to meeting you in October.The Nathalie sounds great and can't wait to explore Rhodes.
By strange coincidence my other halfs' sister and her hubby are staying at the Nathalie 3 weeks before us.
See you in October! :glynis
Hi Dot,
Also looking forward to meeting you in October.
What is the surname of your relatives which are coming three weeks before? Will look out for them.
Regards, K
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