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Hello Wizard, I would like to give you my answer to your poll, but there is a but.
I have been to 5 Greek Islands and used to love the place, then came the holiday to Crete the year the Euro came in and felt they used this to put up the prices far to much, then there is the can we get past the men waiting out side every restaurant trying to get you in there place with those pictures of what you are going to get to eat, that look like something else when it does come.
We also stayed in a 4A, Apartment and it never even two spoons or knifes odd cups and a sauce pan for a kettle, they charge top money and get away with murder.
I did like Rhodes Town great at night and all those walls and its history, but Greece for me is a big NO now it will be a long time before I go back there .
So I am not going to bother putting a mark in your poll thing at the top of the page, sorry Dave.
hi wizard I would have done your pole BUT when I try to click the box nothing happens !!!!!!!!!!!!
i have just given it a test selected one and submitted it worked fine
well don't what is wrong here but nothing ( although you did pick the one I was going to hit as I loved Rhodes town with its nice town and magnificent castle..
also enjoyed sidari in corfu for that blackpool feel lol.
It doesn't work. Perhaps get Phil to look as he sorted out a poll earlier
I have been in Greece last year. The holiday was really amazing . I will recomend to you Rhodes and Faliraki for a great place to visit. In Rhodes you will find the best historical places and in Faliraki super beaches with a fantastic people who selling their water sports. Best holiday ever!
Apologies guys & girls, give that a try?

Cheers, Phil
And I forgot to tell you guys that the greek people are fantastic and their food is so delicious!
Love Crete ... especially around the Lassithi Plateau ... and just back from Rhodes which was wonderful out of season as I managed to visit a lot of the sites without getting burned to a frazzle.
in the Ionian sea to the west of the mainland and poleponese IE. Corfu, Zakynthos[ Zante], Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaka, Kefalonia & Kythira.

oops see what you mean, cant take it out now or it will mess up the votes already cast
the real holiday maker,

we went twice last year, having avoided Greece since before the Euro down to the same reasons as yourself, i.e. expensive for what you get.
But last year we decided with their economy being so bad that they may be putting a bit more effort into it.... and they were.
Prices were pleasantly reasonable for food and drinks, car hire was peanuts, and the first basic apt we booked was decent value for what we paid without being luxurious whilst the second one couldn't have been better..
Haven't bothered voting as I dont have a favourite place

we have been going to greece for the last 12 yrs, we have never found it expensive, yes a little dearer than Spain but cheaper than Portugal and Turky and a lot cheaper than Cyprus

The phrase I used was "expensive for what you get". Not expensive up front. .
The apartments/hotel rooms are not of such a good standard as their equivalents in any of the other places mentioned but the prices were not low enough to compensate.
I have usually found that for the same or very similar money I can have a better standard of room in Spain or Turkey.
I also admit that the cost of the apartment etc is a minor part of the cost of the holiday,with the overwhelming bulk being the cost of the flight so there isn't a lot of scope for reducing the price.
I agree that Cyprus is way over priced, I like it there but won't pay the prices asked, but I have always been satisfied with Turkey.
As I said though, last year (I imagine due to the decline in the Greek economy and the riots etc) there were some good bargains to be had, and I found that apart from the hotels etc being good value, all the restaurants were offering good deals.
I quite like the Greek islands but in general I prefer Turkey, maybe the food is a bit better in Greece.
We went to Greece twice last year (Rhodes) and are off to Corfu for a week later this year. We were very worried about the effects of the financial crisis on our holidays when we booked back in 2011, but we were delighted to find that the prices weren't much higher than our previous visit in 2009, the quality of accommodation was just as good and finally it seemed to us that the service had improved in bars and restaurants. Yes, you have to run the gauntlet of "barkers selling their wares" outside each and every restaurant but I can remember it being like that 15 years ago!!!
Hi Wiz, great to see your poll has drummed up some chat about Greece. Unfortunately I can't vote as there's no way I could just pick 2 areas of Greece as I've loved every part I've visited so far, with a first visit to Rhodes in August :)
Think I have been to six or seven Greek Islands, but my first thought was also Rhodes, loved Rhodes town of an evening thought it was gorgeous sounds silly but it is just so obvious you are in Greece and somewhere a bit special when you are there.

I did love the greenness of Corfu though, it was a bit like England or Wales beautiful and green but with good weather !

On my wish list is Mykonos that will be the next Greek Island for us, DD's friend was showing us some photographs on her facebook and it looked stunning.

I think the Euro thing is a bit of a white elephant nowdays, possibly when it was first introduced it may have seemed a price hike to tourists who had been the previous year, but to be honest I think everywhere else has now caught up. Quality meals, in quality restaurants for 5 adults last year were costing between 150 and 180 Euros a night in Spain. Unless you are happy to eat chicken & chips and pizza all the time very few European places are cheap to eat out decently anymore. I'm sure Greece has become more competative in this respect now because the Euro has made everywhere expensive.

I managed to get the poll to work :)
I haven't been to Greece for years but my favourite place was probably Lindos in Rhodes
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