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Bali is dry in August and they do now offer Ai, although long way. Kenya may be another option. Most Far East is wet, you could try Caribbean although wet months it is not constant. Try Aruba as this is dry until Oct/Nov and it looks to have fab beaches and safe to go out at night.

Hope this helps
thanku for the feedback, have started looking into egypt since posting that message, apparantly v. hot and nice beaches!! Kenya sounds great but not sure i could go there without doing a safari (as ive always wanted to) and thats getting a bit too active for this year, maybe next!!!!!!!
We are looking into booking Kenya for Aug 06. Serena Beach and leapard Beach look excellent. We were thinking of 5 days Serena 3 day safari and 7 day leapard. Kenya offer safari from 1 day or maybe 2 or 3 nights to full week. If you wanted you could maybe just try a few days.

We are going to Egyit in October 05. After much research we pick 3 nights Luxor Le Meridian 3 nights Cairo Four Seasons and 7 nights Sharm at the Hyatt. If you want beach and luxury I would look at either Hyatt (location near shops etc) or Four Seasons (out of the way) amazing hotel. Shop about for a good price. We found Kuoni and H&J/Sovereign good prices.

Egypt in August would be very hot, may not be able to sit out. I have been away when it is top 30's and it is impossible to sunbath. The heat actually becomes too much and spoils the trip.

Dubai is another option for August, far too hot to sunbath but it offers amazing hotels at excellent prices in August plus lots things to do out of the sun. Something like 24 shopping centres. We are going 5 nights in March so I will try see as many as possible.

Any of the med resorts are also good and hot in August. Our favourite is Cyprus, although you need to go to Protaris for beaches. Not good beaches is Paphos. Lovely people, lovely food and lovely and hot!
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