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Just a shot in the dark, but perhaps the site uses Flash. You can download the latest version HERE

luci :wave
I have just phoned Talktalk,and they think that a change in my router settings will solve it.When I have re-connected my router to the wired system I have to call them back and they will change them.Hopefully this will solve it,and I will let you know. Thanks for the help,as I realise this is not what the forum is about. :tup
All connected(just a change of one digit in the reuter setting).Incidentally,I have just checked,and Xcape is £30 cheaper than the best price I managed elsewhere for my holiday,which is a hotel-only 19 day holiday.
Once again,thanks for help.

We have used Xcape With Us several times. I have never been disappointed yet. Excellent value.

hi,we have made 2 bookings with them this year i found them the cheapest and the staff very helpul.
Absolutely DISGUSTING service !! Got to Benidorm (14 of us) and they hadnt even booked our hotel - when I rang they just claimed it wasnt their problem !! Would nover use or recommend to anybody!!

Just returned from three nights in Valencia. Booked hotel (Vincci Lys) with Xcape With Us. Fantastic price, quite a lot cheaper than other companies. Asked for a first floor non smoking room, which we got.

Excellent customer service, you actually get to speak to someone and not an automated message!

Would definitely use again - excellent. :)

Best Regards

Elaine :fly
used them for first time last week and had no problems at all.
saved 60% on alpharooms and findmeaccom prices.
I have booked accommodation several times with Xcape with us and found them to be excellent, both value and service.
hope this helps :D
Reply has ceased trading today. More information for customers is available at

David :wave
How absolutely super !! WSH goes belly up and I re-book with Xcapewithus. I think it's time to seriously consider whether or not to bother at all in 2009 !!
I booked with them for my daughter and family for 2 weeks in Ibiza - they got back last night 29th April :yikes

Close call methinks.......

I booked my father in law with with Freedom Direct in Benidorm for a week last month......

Is it me ?

Phew,was going to book through them 2 weeks ago,but decided to wait for a few weeks.Am I glad. :yikes
booked a holiday with them back in november 08, went on today cos i knew the balance was due sometime soon to see the lovely note that they've ceased trading...

wonderful... absolutely no way to get to booking information on their site and they never sent that info out in a confirmation email - just a link to see it online!

thankfully i wrote it all down so have managed to get in touch with the accommodation directly and rebooked our rooms!!

we had only paid £47 deposit so chuffin' glad i opted to pay the balance 6 weeks before rather than the whole lot!! need to see if my travel insurance covers for ttis sort of thing - if it doesn't then at least it's only £47 we've lost. we booked flights ourselves rather than through xcapewithus so it's not as bad as it could have been!

Just looking for information. Booked a couple af apartments with them travelling out 21 May until 29 May and paid the full balance on 16 April 2009 via a credit card. Have had to re-book with another company what do I need to do next?
Im due to go out on the 8th June with Xcape. Ive used them before and found them very competetive. Ive managed to get a hold of someone on the phone who assures me that I'll get an email soon telling me what to do. Cant get the credit card company to do anything until they see a copy of this email and at that they say it will be ages before a decision will be made. At the moment its looking like Ive lost £900 to them. Im gutted. To re-book the hotel it is going to cost me a further £1200 due to the falling Euro. Or cancel the whole holiday and loose a further £300 on our flights. Some cheap holiday this has turned out to be.
all i can say is i'm glad i opted to pay just the deposit... went to the site today to pay the balance. if i dont get anything back then i'm only short of £47.

really don;t know what i'd have done if i was in your shoes... £900 is a heck of a lot to lose... i don't think that 'gutted' conveys your feeling at the moment...

good luck with trying to get money back. there's a thread on moneysaving about credit card rights etc:

They took my balance on 29 April from my debit card :D . Not impressed and not sure if I'm covered with a debit card like you are with credit cards. Anyone know? Not sure what to do now? Will have to break the news to my friend.
i have got a holiday booked through them for may. 3 grumpy old men going for a week in the sun. i payed in march, in full, on my credit card and have had the accomodation voucher, so i´m hoping that it will be ok. cant do too much about it at the moment as i´m in spain -through travel republic this trip- so i will just have to wait till i get home.

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