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Do you have a complaint against a travel agent and how you have been dealt with during or after booking your holiday? For help and advice post in here.
Hi Mark is the holiday still booked but no infant added? When you say one of the airlines involved do you mean you are using 2 separate airlines? If so have you contacted the other?

I managed to get Lastminute to send me the breakdown and yes their holiday package uses 2 different airlines. More stresses as Easyjet offer 2 hold items for children under 5 but Air Arabia Maroc only allow the pushchair. Also Easyjet give a 23kg baggage allowance compared to the 20kg for Air Arabia Maroc.

Anyway turns out the charges are reasonable with the airlines £22 easyjet and £17.50 Air Arabia. the big cost is the hotel, they want £116 to add the infant. Emailed the hotel direct and they are saying that I also need to pay them a supplement of 40€/night payable on arrival.
👍 for the flights however I'm confused as to why the hotel wants 40 euros a night as well as you paying £116. I know some places require a form of visitors tax but 40e sounds high. Which hotel is it?
@Glynis - I assumed the 40 euros per night extra is because they want to put them in a bigger room/apt?? No way is it "visitor taxes" -even the Spanish wouldn't try that one on!!
The booking bu LM.COM will I assume have been made using a bed bank. The charge I suspect will be the hotel using their normal charge rate.

With respect to the original poster and others with similar problems with these rip-off merchants posting here on HT for advice is a good idea, we have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years BUT!!! Tell Trading Standards when this happens to you. Enough complaints and they will do something and that is how they work. If you don't complain then how do they know?
Hotel come back apologising saying they got it wrong and to speak to the agent.
I have now paid this but if you do a test booking with the hotel choosing 2 adults and 1 child is no different in price to 2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant in the same room. Think we are just being penalised as we added on after.

We live and learn!
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