Hi Everyone,

I am the Director of a Non Profit Youth Organisation, Blackburn Youth Darts Academy. Early this year We qualified to Play in the Youth Darts World Championships in Gibraltar which takes place in June.
This is a huge achievement for us. However only some of us can attend because not all can afford the flights and accommodation.
We all booked the same Hotel and flights via Last minute.com who brought up an a number of hotels when we typed in Gibraltar which is obviously a green listed country for us in the UK.
We decided to go in one called Ohtels Campo De Gibraltar. We all spent approx £600 each so we could participate in this major competition. The website stated that the hotel was just 0.90m from the centre and was located near the gibraltar rock.

However, it was not until 2 weeks ago when the venue for the competition was confirmed that I googled the distance between the hotel and the venue that i noticed the hotel wasnt in Gibraltar but just outside the border!!!!! IE IN SPAIN which is an amber country which our government have advised not to travel to and would mean we would all have to isolate for 10 days upon return and pay for 2 tests each at approx £120. We cant do this because kids have school and all us adult parents and volunteers have work.
I have contacted last minute.com as well as a couple of the parents and arent getting anywhere with them. They state that it said on confirmation where the hotel was but it did not and no does it on website unless you go into the map which we didnt until recently because we wasnt bothered where it was in gibraltar. but the fact it isnt even in Gibraltar which is what we asked for in the holiday package surely is the mis selling by Last Minute.com
They have said we need to find another hotel from their site and let them no which we want to change to. so we looked and can only find 2 on there which is actually in Gibraltar. All the others they bring up are again outside the border. I can see many people booking these unknowing what awaits them when they arrive and need to get through border control each time they enter and leave their hotel basically.
So we requested them to change to the other 2 hotels which would have cost us a great deal more but we got told there is no rooms available for these days. I asked about getting a refund on the hotel by cancelling it and keeping the flights to be told we could request it but could wait up to 2 months for a refund if approved. This was suppose to be free cancellation on hotel when booked too.

We cant wait 2 months to get our money back as we need to book somewhere else as its just over 2 weeks before fly out and compete for our country. We have no more money to be able to book anywhere else without the money back we have already paid. We are all in major limbo here and have special kits made for the kids to compete which cost our organisation money too.
One parent actually booked direct with the hotel and they are refusing to give a refund and only offering a voucher which is no good because he only going this week to compete in the event so a voucher for use another time isnt any good. We are at a loss and the kids achievements in qualifying could now be dashed and we are all at risk of not getting our money back, and very least losing flight money.
Last minute.com are just no help and they have effectively mis sold these packages to us.

Any help or advice please?