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British Airways faces legal action for 'inconvenience, distress and misuse' caused to passengers who were the victim of a huge cyber attack.

Details of the data breach were revealed on Thursday, when the airline announced it had been hit by the cyber attack that had compromised passenger details between August 21 and September 5.

Up to 380,000 passengers' details could have been compromised.

The Times reports legal firm SPG Law is seeking compensation on behalf of passengers.

The claim is on top of money the airline has already promised to pay out to compensate for financial loss, including money stolen from bank accounts and a 12-month credit-rating monitoring service for those affected.

The Times says the law firm claims BA should also pay for non-material damage. Each passenger should be able to claim £1,250, according to the lawyers. If all affected passengers were to claim, it would cost the airline £475 million.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times reports a security expert who had worked at BA had claimed the hack was 'a disaster waiting to happen'.

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I am one of the unfortunate ones. We booked with our amex and they have told us that there is no need for a new one as they are monitoring and we won't ever be out of pocket. However, I keep checking my account every day as more and more have transactions taken. I would just like a replacement one. BA have given me a year of ProtectMyID. However , identity fraud may take a lot longer than that to uncover. I am not happy.
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