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have you tried to explain to the insurance company the situation you are in, you may be able to forward the details and send the cancellation invoice after
I'm not sure the cancellation invoice should be the problem. The travel agent/tour operators system should generate this automatically once the booking is "cancelled" in their system. Reading fully your post I wonder if the problem relates to the fact that you may already have airline tickets. To obtain a refund on your airline tickets (which I don't think is necessarily what you have asked for) would mean them being mailed back to the agent, then the airline and a refund applied for. It could be this that would take the time to process.
I had to cancel my MIL's cruise on 21 October after she broke her arm and was advised not to travel. After numerous phone calls to the Travel House/Cruise Deals, I finally received the cancellation invoice on 6 January, some 11 weeks later.

I believe that some insurers require claims to be submitted within 30 days of the cancellation/incident and this was my main concern at the time.

luci :wave
Traveller and Luci- You could both be right. I did have flight tickets which I had to return to agent who had to return them to tour operator. I have phoned my travel insurance today who also rang tour operator (travel 2] and couldn't get through. He told me that if I have to wait for my cancellation invoice my claim will still be valid but I am starting to get a bit panicky.
Hi oap

Did you get the name of the person you spoke to at the insurance company? If he said it was OK, I wouldn't worry too much, just keep a note of all your telephone calls.

If it puts your mind at rest, perhaps you could send a letter to the insurance company by recorded delivery stating what you have been told re the delay and asking if this will affect your claim.

luci :wave
Hi Luci, made a note of everything and now been told to send all forms with a covering letter to await cancellation invoice - it's also down on my file with Axa. I looked at my insurance and it says within 31 days so I think I'll send them, rec del - of course. It's a head banging situation
I used to work for American Express Travel, dealing with airline ticket refunds.

It may interest posters to know that it can take up to 1 YEAR for an airline to refund a ticket - the quickest I ever saw was 3 months! :shock:

So don't blame the insurance company, it is most likely the airline that is dragging its heels!

p.s. this is where the ticket was a scheduled one, not chartered
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