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You used to be able to get them over the counter without a prescription, then the rules changed a couple of years ago that you did need a prescription.

However I have read that some pharmacies will still sell them without and some won't. All I can suggest is that you ask and if that particular pharmacy says no, just try another one.

luci :wave
That's right Luci.
Officially yes, you now need a doctor's prescription...
However, Spain being Spain it depends which farmacia you try.
In March, I tried a couple of farmacias in Benidorm to buy Amoxicillin and was refused, I then tried another one and was sold them and I wasn't just buying one course of tablets, I bought several courses for various members of my family.

I've just come back from the Costa del Sol and tried to buy some Amoxicillin in La Carihuela (between Torremolinos and Benalmadena) and I was refused, we then took a walk into Torremolinos and en route I tried another farmacia, he sold me a packet containing 24x 500mg tablets, but he would only sell me one packet and he took a few seconds to give me a really "hard look over" before committing himself.
On reaching Torremolinos town centre, I tried the farmacia in the town centre ( I'd better not name the street in case somebody is reading this and they clamp down on the farmacia) and he sold me 2 packets containing 24x 500mgs and I have the feeling that he would have sold me more, if I'd have asked or been wanting more.

But what peed me off, the farmacia en route charged me €3.85 for the antibiotics and the same product cost me €2.70 in Torremolinos.(€5.40) :que

Do you know if it is the same in Gibraltar?
I bought antibiotics and strong analgesics for my wife in the Farmacia at the roundabout in Torreblanca in April with no problem. And when I found out that they were unsuitable I took them back and got the cost refunded. They didn`t have the item that we needed so the girl rang around until she found a farmacia that did have the product, in Los Boliches, and we got them from there. You don`t get that kind of service in the U.K I fear.
There is one chemist that will sell you antibiotics.. Last week in fact..end of May 2018! but not as easily as it used to be.. I had to beg.. also think they might have recognized me from past years.. but the answer is 1 on the main Street.. not giving the name in case they clamp down n cause trouble.. there's possibly 1 other.. not on the main Street..up a hill.. again.. you'll have to hunt..! Hope that's a little help!
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