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I Lewis. It's more than likely the hotel who has double booked I would imagine rather than TR. The problem finding you an alternative accommodation may have been the 4 beds required :que

I hope you thought to take a photo of the notice on the room door stating occupancy was for 2. TR should then, IMO, sort this out with the hotel concerned, as, as the agent they should be acting on your behalf.

Thanks for the reply! Yes I took photos of everything. TR replied saying that they have contacted the manageress of the hotel who said that we never once complained to her! Which REALY has annoyed me because its the first thing we did! And she said that the holiday booking company (TR?) phoned her up before we flew out and was asked if 4 beds can go in a double room! We wouldn't of minded if TR sorted out 2 rooms with 4 beds, but its just the fact that we paid for a room to occupy 4 beds, and i clearly didn't get this! Its just so frustrating!!
I wouldn't bother messing about waiting for Travel Republic to pay you compensation. They ruined your holiday (as they nearly did my daughters). If I were you I'd take action against them in the County Court.

At least they gave you six days notice which is more than they did for my daughters.

Good luck

Got to agree with Glynis. It is unlikely that TR overbooked but as the agent they should be trying to get this sorted out for you. Presumably they used a bed bank or similar to book your hotel so should be persuing the matter with them. Again, agree it was probably the 4 bedded room which caused the problem as in Europe 4 beds suitable for adults all in one room are few and far between.

Hope you manage to get a satisfactory outcome.
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