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There's no real point in naming the shop, Namid, because they're all the same. One's as bad as the other.

The advice to anyone thinking of buying an electrical item - get it at your UK airport.

BTW, more bad news for you - the forecast for the next 5 days is sunny. :sun
probably a hard lesson to learn.
they want your cash until they have it , you must extract as much off them as you can before parting with it.
i personally never trust any shop abroad as they wil rip you off as they know that you will be back in the UK by the time it breaks down.
Namid, really sorry to hear what happened. Our rep warned us at our welcome meeting not to buy any electrical items as they are ususally all fakes and you get ripped off. I also read useful info on these shopkeepers on Holiday Truths before I went.

I got a really good deal on my digital camera on

I would prefer to get stuff here than get ripped off, as it would happen to me!!

We stayed at the San Antonio - yep its great isn't it.
Hope you have a better holiday next year
Jaime C :wave
there was a report on tv a while back on watchdog i think it was.there was a shop whith the same name and coloured logo of a well known british high street camera relation of course ,doing exactly the same con.the reporter stood firm(well she was trained for it)and in the end got her money back. :shock:
This happens in all Canary Islands (well large ones) by the looks of it. If you have a peek on the Tenerife forum it gives you instructions on reporting the retailer, which the local authorities tell you to do.
I live in Lanzarote and even I waited until going back to the UK before buying a digital camera. When I even attempted to ask about a similar model from a local shop the price was laughable (10% of the UK price). Also, when they referred to it as complete, they meant without battery, memory card and power supply.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

do not buy cameras in lanzarote, just back on the 23rd dec, after two weeks in playa blanca, i looked into buying a lumix panasonic, in the uk, best price here was 290£ with a medium memory card.
ok the weather was iffy, so began an exercise around the camera shops in playa blanca, knowing what i wanted and how much, i played ignorant, it was raining, so i took my time, a lumix rx7 was offered to me for 350£ with no memory, the memory was special offer, at 35£, took my time, and was offered it for 300£, the 'owner@ then made a fatal mistake, he showed me his receipt book and boasted he had sold the same camera to a german for 800 euros, in back and white, he showed me several more receipts all for outragious money.
i felt like reporting this info to someone, but reconcidered as i'm sure the local council knows about it.
its a bit galling because these people advertise as being the cheapest in the world/galaxy/universe, and many people get ripped off.
went back a few days later and was treated with some hostility, they are all the same bombay mafia, and are on the phone to each other if they smell a rat, or sucker, beware.
Sorry but i must disagree with you all on this i bought a canon digital camera (not a fake) in pdc 2 years ago which came with a 128mb card a card reader and all the software needed he even threw in some batteries, in all i saved myself over £100 i still have the camera and have never had any trouble with it, dont tar them all with the same brush.
My dad brought a camcorder when in Tenerife a couple of years ago. No problems like previous posters but he came home proud as punch of is bargain whne quoting the supposedly UK price. I felt awful at admitting that I had actually bought the identical camera whilst he was away at £30 cheaper from my local Currys. Ok not a vast difference but he thought he'd made a substantial saving that was not so.
Not so in my case, the cheapest i could find my camera at home was also in currys but £120 dearer than what i paid in PDC.
Been trying to get hold of a play station portable (psp) in the UK without any luck, for my son to use on holiday.

Does anyone know if there are any legit electrical stores on the island and are they likely to have any psp's yet.

Need quick reply flying on Thursday morning early,

Loads of electrical stores on the island - avoid them like the plague - if they haven't got the PSP (which they probably won't) they won't let you out until you've bought something else/given them your firstborn/signed over the deeds to your house... :roll:
Seriously, I wouldn't bother with any of the electrical shops in the Canaries, sure some people get a 'bargain' but on the whole, they are shady dealers of inferior products. See this thread on the Tenerife forum:
Agree with cyberspace wholeheartedly :lol:

If your son can't be parted with his games for the holiday, rent a games console for him instead!!!

Its not that my son cant be parted from his games, its just he has been given holiday money and thats wot he wanted to buy with it and we cant seem to get hold of one here in the Uk, was just wondering if we might have been lucky out there.
Hi chilledoutchick!

I don't really know what a psp looks like :oops: but I would still be very wary of buying out here unless you are absolutely sure that the specs are the same. There is one shop on the strip where I have bought stuff, and another in Deiland, but it has always been for use here, and bought the games here too.

I seem to remember my son buying a Nintendo 64 :?: and UK games would not play on it.
Thanks sue for your promt replies.

A PSP is the new small hand held version of a Play Station, its Sony's new baby and have only just arrived here in the UK the last few weeks so i wasent sure whether you would even have them yet in the Canaries.

They are like Gold Dust here at the moment.

Arriving in Costa Teguise tomorrow so hope the weather improves.


which airport are you flying from? i know gatwick and stansted both have a branch of Dixons at their terminals. It may be worth a phone call to the airport you are flying from they may have an electrical type shop that has what you want. :D
My 2 Daughters want to buy a nintento ds and an ipod when we go in a few weeks - has anyone got any good recommendations? we are staying in PDC.
Charlie's under the McDonalds had PSPs last year, a boy at our apartments bought one nad it was fine.

Just be carefulk, most of the shops try to con you but there are some that are OK, Charlie's has a good reputation. My own son bought a gameboy advance in one of them years ago when they first came out and got it for half the UK price and he still has it.

Bargains can be had but you have to be careful.
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