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Not just back from Land of Smiles but saw exchange rate shown on one of Thai sites was 47.70 baht to the pound. :que
it is bad now in sept we where getting 63 baht . i have been told that it has been very quiet in pattaya and bar owners are struggling. anyone else have any more info... :cheers
I'm flying out tomorrow evening - will let you know later in the week what the rate is - last time I looked was about 50 to £ and 45 to € Not so bad for the € but the £ rate will make things dearer this time. :(
Hi I'm in Samui at the moment and it's approx 51 THB to the pound. Oh and it's HOT! :cheers
terrible exchange rate :(
I take it you are enjoying Samui :D
First time I visited Thailand we were getting 35 baht to pound so it could be worse :)
But I remember prices being a lot cheaper when the baht was 35 to the pound, especially hotels.
I'm in Thailand at the moment and this morning it's 50.15 to pound sterling and 45.20 to the Euro, but seems to change slightly all day. The prices don't seem to have gone up here - it's our spending power that's changed, but it's still reasonably cheap.
Anybody got a local update?
Can get 48.5 in the UK but might just take cash if it's any better in Thailand.
Bangkok bank site show 50.68Baht to the pound, you get a better rate in Thailand,
Cheers. I've got enough for a taxi so i'll leave it.
Got 50.65 at bank in Saladan yesterday
Can someone give me some advice about spending money in Thailand ?
I was going to get some Thai baht travellers cheques but I'm told you cannot get them and you can take either US dollars or UK sterling travellers cheques. Can you really change these all over Thailand or are they really only used in major tourist centres like Bangkok & Phuket ?
Is it better to take mostly British pounds ( cash ) and change it in Thailand ?
Don't have a credit card and feel nervous about using a debit card over there.
Are you likely to get stopped at immigration if they see you carrying a large amount of cash ( about £600 )?

To those who have visited Thailand.....what did you do about spending money ?
Hi Hovis,


From personal experience, we always use UK sterling or debit card (VISA). ATMs are plentiful (in towns), easy to use and you usually get a good rate of exchange. In many visits we have not had a problem.

We still find that the Nationwide Flex card give one of the best rates - although they now pass on Visa charge, there is no other charge. Travellers cheques can be costly. For goodness sake don't take UD $ cheques or you will be hit with two conversion charges - GBP to USD when you buy the cheques and then USD to Thai Baht when you change to local currency. Travel agents usually recommend USD or travellers cheques, mainly so they get a commission!. TCs can also be a nuisance to get changed - hotels may have a changing system, but you always get a lousy rate! (as indeed for cash).

When you arrive in Bangkok, ATMs and money changing is simple at the airport. You will have no trouble taking in the amount of cash you describe - you can take in far more.

Just be careful that the amount of Baht you receive when you change currency, tallies with what you should have received.

Most hotels expect to take a credit card impression when you check in. This is quite normal and once again we have had no problems. If you are sensible and don't let your card out of your sight or use in rinky dink places (just as in UK), you shouldn't have any problems at all.

Take more than one debit card, if you anticipate using these, as all card companies seem to be clamping down on unusual transatctions. Let your bank (and credit card company) know that you will be in Thailand during the specific period.

A mix of good
UK banknotes (not Scottish) and cards should provide you with the best exchange rates.

The choice however must be yours.

Enjoy Thailand - we do!

We take a mix of sterling travellers cheques, debit and credit cards. There is a small TC handling charge per cheque so we take larger denomination cheques. You get a better rate of exchange for TC's as opposed to taking cash so this offsets the handling charge on the larger denomination cheques, plus TC's have the added element of security. We've always found banks and money changers plentiful and opening hours convenient. We are provided with commission free travellers cheques as part of our UK banking.

Its also worth noting that a number of Thai banks are introducing a 150baht (approx 3 quid) charge for using ATM's

You are spot on. I had forgotten that they are introducing a Debit Card charge (havent been there since February).

I have never had much luck with TCs - I always get held up and have to produce a passport in a bank queue.


Thanks for the replies Peter & Sunbear,

Would also like to ask....Besides the ones at the airport,
Is it easy to find currency exchanges all over Bangkok and are they like the ones in London staying open late or is it mainly banks where you go to change your money ? Do the big shopping malls have places to exchange money ?
(Only have the one debit card ....which is why I'll need cash as a back up if it is blocked )
I don't think you'll have any bother, there's currency exchange booths dotted all over the place in tourist areas - including shopping malls, usually open until the evening. We've even exchanged at a currency exchange van that turned up at one of the sites we were visiting.

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