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Using the toll road from San Pedro, the journey is 69.8 kms, or just under 44 miles and should take an hour.
Avoiding the toll road and using the A7/E-15, the distance is slightly less at 67 kms, but will take a tad longer.

Many Spaniards/expats go into Gib every day to either work or shop and take advantage of the cheaper prices, and whilst Gibraltar is well known for cheaper cigarettes, the Gib laws are generally not known.
It's an offence in Gibraltar to be in possession of more than ten cartons of cigarettes (2000 cigarettes). You will be fined and have the lot taken off you.

Whilst you can visit every day if you so wish, If you intend to buy tabacco in Gib, now you're only allowed one carton of cigs (200 per adult) or 250 grms of tabacco per used to be 3 cartons.
Also when importing these back to the UK your allowance is only one carton (200 cigarettes) per adult.
This is a general information post and I'm not saying you intend to do this, but please don't think that you can go to Gib every day and stock up the cigs/tabacco and then bring them back to the UK, believe me, those Spanish guards have a memory like an elephant and a sixth sense, and you do not want to get on the wrong side of them.

Sorry, don't know the current prices of tabacco products.

Thanks for the info we are staying at the cortijo blanco hotel san pedro never been to that area before the reviews are a bit hit and miss has anyone stayed there?

Yes, I have stayed in the Cortijo Blanco, but it really wouldn't be fair to say too much about it because it's quite a few years ago now and it wasn't all inclusive then.
We passed it last year when we popped into San Pedro for a bite to eat with some friends. (the friend's husband was doing the driving)
Some things haven't changed and that's the location, it's situated next to a major road (motorway) and about a 15/20 minute walk by the side of the road to San Pedro town, which is a typical Spanish town that hasn't really changed much in 20 years.

The nearest beach was accessed by coming out of the side entrance of the complex and walking for about 15 minutes down a lane with private villas on either side, there wasn't anything on the beach, but a lot of investment has been poured into the area since we stayed there and so the beach may now have sunbeds etc.

The complex itself from the outside is very pretty and designed in Andalucian style with low rise 'apartments' in blocks around the pool.
It seemed to me that they extended the complex with further blocks and didn't bother continuing with the Andalucian theme, we stayed in a block behind the tennis courts and had to walk through the gardens to reach the restaurant, but one advantage was that it was quieter.

We used to walk to Puerto Banus and get a taxi back, and regarding your original post about Gibraltar, if you walk to San Pedro town, you can go to Gibraltar from there using public transport, well not actually Gibraltar, you go to La Línea de la Concepción and then you walk across the border, 4 buses a day Mon-Sat and 5 buses on Sundays, 1 hour -10 minute journey"¦.don't forget you'll need your passport to get in/out of Gib.

Location wise, you are in a good position to go to places like Puerto Banus, Marbella, Estepona & Ronda, and if you're not hiring a car, maybe a local excursion booked in San Pedro town for places further a field like Sevilla & Cordoba.

It depends what you're wanting out of the holiday, if you have a couple of kiddies and just want to chill out and stay put, then Cortijo Blanco will do the job, especially by doing all inclusive now, but if you are wanting something outside the complex, I think there's a couple of bars and there was another hotel, which was full of French ( not saying there's anything wrong with the French).
I used to use their swimming pool because it was the shape to swim lengths and it got me away from the kids.
Other than that, then I'm afraid it's a walk, taxi or a bus to any life beyond the complex.
I hope you have a lovely holiday. :sun2

Sanji x
We stayed in the Cortijo Blanco years ago but the food was awful we got fed up with veal at every mealtime but it may have got better now. Also if you are in rooms near the busy main road it's very noisy with lots of sirens going off. As Sanji said the rooms near the tennis courts are quiet.

It's a lovely walk to Puerto Banus and you certainly see how the other half live, very interesting to walk round seeing all the millionaire's yachts but I'd advise you to take a drink with you as the prices there are really high. There's a big market just outside San Pedro which is worth looking round, I can't remember what day it was.
but I'd advise you to take a drink with you as the prices there are really high

I picked Dave up off the floor when he paid for 4 coffees in a bar on the quayside in Puerto Banus. :rofl
We'd been told about the high prices of food and drink in Puerto Banus so took our own every time we went down there. There were ten of us Sanji so think how much it would have cost us for drinks. Years ago we walked past all the bars and someone shouted to our kids who were wearing Leicester City shirts and it was Steve Walsh an L.C.F.C. player, at least they can afford the extortionate prices.
We are going to fuengirola in may, can anyone give me some info please on day trips to Gibraltar ? Who or where is best to book with, roughly how much and what the trip includes. Or is it better to go on the bus if so does anyone have any idea how much that would be please.
Katherinelc hi. We were in Fuengirola a few years ago and found plenty coach companies doing day trips to Gib. I cannot remember what the price was but I think it was about £10. The trip took about two and a half hours. You must take your passport with you as the bus stops before you get into Gib. and everyone has to get off the bus and all passports are checked. The trip was lovely passing through nice places eg. Marbella etc. The town was really busy as there were cruise ships in and the shops were packed. I just loved the shops. Perfumes, drinks and cigarettes were really really cheap. Sorry cannot be more helpful with the coach company names or the cost but hopefully someone who has been there recently will be able to help.
If you go to the bus terminal then there are notices for trips to Gib and other places. You can also get a bus to Mijas, Mabella etc from there.

Thanks digby & fwh
really looking forward to it we havent been to the costa del sol before and would like to make the most of it. any tips for other places worth seeing would be great as well please
There is a travel agent on the promenade called MAXI who do a good selection of trips. Don't know if they have a web site. They also were very good on money exchange.
They are along the front on the right as you face the marina.
most do two lots of just the trip to gib,shopping ect.the next a few euro;s more inc the tour of the island.up to you which you fancy.but take a warm jumper or it can get chilly.
Hi there

We went to Gibraltar February just and actually booked with the rep in our hotel :) . It cost us 17 euros per person and took two hours each way on the coach. I know sometimes it can be a little dearer to do it this way, but the trip was usually 25 euros, however for one reason or another it was at the reduced price.

We absolutely loved Gibraltar. Got some Versace perfume which here in the UK I would never have been able to afford. My Smirnoff for a litre was £5.50, just a shame that you can only bring one litre per person back into mainland Spain from Gibraltar :rofl We are going back to the Costa Del Sol again in march next year and are hoping to go back again :)
We also did the trip with Maxy (or Maxi?) travel, along the front of Fuengirola. They have a website, but it's not good. Best to just go there in person once you are there.

I think it was €10 for a standard trip or $17 or 18 including the mini bus around Gibraltar. We don't normally do this type of trip (normally prefer a simple cheap bus then go around ourselves) but we really enjoyed this. We still had time in Gibraltar at our leisure, got to go up and see the monkeys etc :)
We are going to Calahonda how easy is it to go DIY to Gibraltar for a couple of nights?
Can we get a bus down to the border and then just walk through border control? from there is it then easy enough to find our way to the main area?

Any hotel recommendations for a night or two?

Hi Graham

Yes you do just walk or drive through but I think Spain are being a bit difficult at the moment, you have to walk over the runway and my have to wait for a flight to go through but it is only a few mins walk to the centre .

Thanks Roger, I did hear about Spain making it very difficult particularly for those leaving Gibraltar by vehicle with delays of up to 6 hours, that is why I thought it might just be easier and quicker just to go by public transport and walk over.

Just one more point I have remembered, if you do go take sterling much better than euros for purchases
Thanks Roger I would never have thought of that :tup

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