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Wow excellent !! Sorry you were delayed, but that great compensation for 2 mins :tup
With FLYBE history of scheduled delays I dont think this 60:60 will last long! Unless ofcourse the new management team have sorted a lot of issues.
How clever of you to get a voucher. I applied on Flybe's form on 28 May after a 90 minute delay that day, and despite emails and phone calls all I have managed to get is a verbal promise 2 weeks ago and an automatically generated reply not even referring to the subject of the email. Meanwhile the price of the flight I want to book goes up and up - it will end up costing me money instead of saviing it. Any tips on how to get Flybe to send this voucher, please?
Tell them you have posted on holiday truths? In fairness to Flybe have you read all the terms and conditions associated with this offer? For example, do they give a time scale for this to be completed? If not satisfied and you do get through to them ask for a supervisor at the outset, make sure you get names and keep a record of what you have said/e mail etc. Perhaps best just to buy another ticket....
I just applied online at http://www.flybe.com/en/6060/ - the vouchers came through straight away and I have just used them to book a trip to Belfast for my birthday.
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