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My b/f and I went to Turkey on holiday recently and bought a beautiful diamond engagement ring from a shop in Fethiye!

We were planning to have a very large English wedding, but to be honest it's not really what I want and whilst we were there we discussed the possibility of getting married in Turkey - SO THAT'S WHAT WE'RE DOING!!

5th May 2007 in a hotel in Hisaronu! Invitations are being printed as I type. Our hotel room is booked and the hotel manager assures us "it will be very easy to organise". Hmm.

We will get our certificate of non impediment from the UK registrars to take to Turkey in October when we will be returning to sort out the paperwork in Antalya. HOWEVER - I'm concerned that this will be too far in advance and the papers won't be valid in May 2007 (even though the hotel manager says it will be fine). Can anyone shed some light on this?

We will arrive in May the day before the wedding - is there anything official we have to do with the registrar before the actual day because we're going to be cutting it fine I think!

However, I'm a bit nervous that it's all going to go horribly wrong!

Is there anything I should know about getting married there? Any tips you guys could give me would be gratefully received!

Many thanks
oct is far too soon to fill in paperwork it has to be no more than 12 weeks from the wedding date. i also think arriving the day before is going to be too late to go fethiye office and sort out registrar ,medical office etc this takes about half a day.

ive pm you re this

I am from Norway,and my fiance is from Turkey.He is from Mardin,but live in Alanya.We will getting marryied 15 november,in Alanya.And i have some question i hope somebody can answer:
* Wich paper do i need to take with me from Norway?
* When do i have to fix the paper in Turkey,and where?
* Have somebody an idea where in Alanya is the most romantic place to get marryied/wedding-party?
Thanks for all answers.... :)
I'm concerned that this will be too far in advance and the papers won't be valid in May 2007

Once the paperwork is issued from the Consulate you will have 3 months to hand these in to the registrars office. Once you have completed your application at the registrars office you will have 6 months to get married before they expire. Although it may be a little risky to arrive only a day before the wedding, it is not impossible. My advise would be to make sure that the hotel manager or whoever is taking care of the arangements is well experienced in this and very trustworthy in getting everything organised beforehand and you would be fine. Otherwise you may have some problems to sort out when you arrive!

Good luck! :)

ive no idea whether the regulations to marry are the same as uk residence.

for uk residence we have to take with us non impediment papers and degree absolute if you have been married before.

we had to go to uk consulate in turkey to sort out most of the paperwork this had to be done within 12 weeks of our wedding day.

i think it might be best for you to email the norwegian consulate in antalya if there is 1 there and ask for advise
:P hi, can anyone help?
my friend wants to marry a turkish man this summer but has lost her birth certificate. Does she need to get a copy or will the passport surfice?
She has'nt got a computer so needs me to ask for her!
Also, does she have to get 4 passport photos done in england or can these be done in turkey?
thanks in advance

Your friend needs her full (not abbreviated) birth certificate, she can't get married in Turkey without it.
She needs passport-sized photographs too - she can easily get them done in Turkey. There are Kodak and photo shops in most resorts, and they do them there and then.
Make sure to tell your friend to do her hair, make-up etc for the photos - as one of them is permanently in her marriage book! (the equivalent of the marriage certificate in the UK).

:P thank you for the quick response elaine......i will let her know.
True what you said about the pics elaine! I rushed mine at the last minute and now I have a permanent reminder of how rough I was feeling!!!!
Anyone needing any personal advise feel free to PM me I got married in Olu Deniz 3 weeks ago! :D
does any body know how to go about arranging a wedinng in Turunc for september 2007 for 30 + thanks for any info
do you want to do it yourself like we did or go through a wedding package, you can marry just about anywhere in turkey so thats usually not a problem. pm with any questions and ill try to help best i can
Hi, just wondered if anyone has been married at the palomaperissia in side yet this year? I've booked through Thomas Cook and wondered what to expect from the hotel etc? Think it's the first year they've been doing it?
Hi all. We were meant to be getting married in Icmeler next sept 2007. My partners Uni course start dates in Sept 2007 have changed so we having to travel earlier. I was checking flights yestreday and came accross flights that were £700 - £800 for the 5 of us than all others. Me and my partner discussed it and i booked the flights. 20th Aug - 3rd Sept 2007. The original villa couldn't help with an earlier date that originally booked. We have a few other options in the same area (icmeler). Does anyone have any information on places to get married in the Fethiye area becaus we have come accross a villa in Uzumlu.
Thanks all :?
Thanks Hayal - we spoke to the hotel manager and Fethiye registry office and they said it will all be fine - so we just have to trust them and hope it works out. Otherwise we'll be having a fake wedding and real one when we get back!
Good luck, hope it all turn out well. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
Hi guys,

I'm getting married in Hisaronu in May and need to find the following:

Firework display
Small boxes of Turkish delight for favours (Pretty sure any shop would do this if I asked)
Turkish Band
English Band
Belly Dancers

Can you recommend anyone for any of the above? I'm sure our hotel manager could probably help, but though I'd ask you folk first :)
ive just contacted the dvla to ask some questions about changing my license into my married name and they have refused to accept my turkish wedding license unless its translated into english although we are both british, ive no idea how much this costs and where i have to have this done, im assuming either the turkish consulate or registrars office, if its the consulate/embassy can it be posted or do you have to go in person and how much is this. also i thought if you got married and didnt want to change your name you could keep your old name and this was within the law etc but the dvla have refused me this too, so im a bit surprised by this has anyone else come across these problems, im know thinking what will happen with my passport when it needs re knewing in about 18 mths , any advise greatly appreciated thanks
Hi ellie meg -

There are 2 things you can do to get around this (I also only have a Turkish marriage book, no English certificate as we never deposited our marriage in the UK).
You could get a translation - our central library had a translation service, and this translation was accepted by everyone for me (banks, passport agency, registrar(for my daughters change of surname) everything). It cost me about £30 for the translation 3 years ago.
Or, you could try pointing out to the dvla that the marriage book you have is actually an International document, and has a full translation key at the back showing the English terms for the certificate in the book which is given in Turkish and French. The translation key works for the passport agency, I know that for a fact (although the Post Office may give you a hard time if you get them to check your passport application before sending it away).

If I can help with anything else, please let me know,

thanks for that, ill try the library, i doesnt bother me staying in my previous name but they wont accept it now im married which i find very odd, i havent actually studied the back of the married docs and didnt even know about this translation key so thanks for that

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