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Cala Galdana has a lovely beach but would be too quiet on an evening. Cala n Forcat, someone recently complained that there was a disco on until the early hours near their apartments but the beach isn't as nice. :think

You could look Mahon (which I like) there's lots of bars restaurants round the harbour.
Mmm went to Cala Galdana in the summer and it's lovely but I think it maybe too quiet for you.

It has 3 or 4 big hotels, a beautiful beach, plus a fair few bars, cafes and restaurants, but even in July it wasn't exactly buzzing, so I would think June would be quieter still, by midnight it was pretty dead. We went to Cituadalea one night and that seemed lively in the pedestrianised part, but it was a Saturday night so that may have been as busy as it gets.

I'm inclined to agree with Glynis that Mahon might be best for you if you can find suitable accommodation -it's the capital, has a big harbour with lots of yatchs and waterfront restaurants, and I am assuming that if there are any clubs this would be the place for them.

I know there is somewhere that has a club in a cave that has foam nights etc unfortunately only found this out when we got home though (much to 17 year old daughter & her friend's disgust), but there didn't seem to be many places of that ilk.

Do you plan to be out after midnight everynight ? I only ask as Menorca is a beautiful island but not a conventional choice for a girls only or boys only style holiday ?

Doe :sun2
You should be looking at Son Bou. One of the best beaches on the med. There are about 15 good bars and the Copacabana is very busy and stays open to well passed 2am when we left. There is another large building with "DISCO" emblazened across the front but I didnt go there or even check to see if it opened to be honest. Its also a lovely safe place. Cala n Bosch is quite good though, Cala n forcat is also busy but doesnt have a proper beach. hope this helps.
Thankyou very much everyone for your reply's... They have given me some new ideas :)
The resort with the cave disco is Cala'n Porter (forgot about there) It's got a nice beach.

It's called Coves d'en Xoroi It's in Spanish but if you click on Gallery you'll see they do foam parties etc
Thanks Glynis. :tup

Just after we returned my DD's friends went to Menorca. DD was well upset that we didnt know about the place in the link whilst we were there.

Sounds like Son Bou would be the best place for the OP to base themselves, we did go there last time and loved the beach, as it's so different from all the others on the island, which are more like coves - Cala Galdana was more for families and couples than girly breaks.
Yes can vouch for Son Bou having bars open into the early's the only resort I've stayed in Menorca and been woken up by late night revellers returning at 2/3 in the morning to their apartments :evil: !!!
The answer is quite easy- you need to be a taxi ride distance to either Mahon or Ciutadella where things (in music bars, live Music and Clubs ) dont start till 11pm and will stop at 5 am and will have more likley find something for you age group/tastes. None of the beach resorts will offer much as there is also an 11pm law for noise. The Bars in Beach resorts are not fantastic by comparison to Ciutadella/Mahon

Cala en Porter would also be a good choice not only for Xoroi, but also its close to Mahon with buses to get there reasonable price Taxi back and there are also lateish bars.

Forcat/Los Delfines is rubbish beachwise compared to any other location and does not have much sophistication

Son Bou is a possibility but a bit remote if the local bars are not your things
Calan Bosch is a good choice there is a bar/club that is open until around 4am and a few others that are open past midnight
I was there in July this year and had 1st hand experience of them
Will also be there late June early July myself
I checked out the island this year to see whats changed/not changed

For a 'girls together holiday' where you want a sandy beach, clothes shopping , choice of (sophisticated) clubs all in walking distances then you still will be looking at somewhere close to Ciutadella or Mahon. eg Playa Sa Caleta (ciutadella ) will give tick all these boxes.


for a good set of guides

will tell you more about clubs in Ciutadella
On 20th September 2010 at 03:38pm, Glynis HT Admin said:
The resort with the cave disco is Cala'n Porter (forgot about there) It's got a nice beach.

It's called Coves d'en Xoroi It's in Spanish but if you click on Gallery you'll see they do foam parties etc
Yes, if anyone goes to Menorca, check it out. Its a great place! covadenxoroi
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