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I won a holiday for two twenty years ago.My ex-husband and I went to Israel for a week,courtesy of a brewery near where I live.It was based on sales and as I was the manager of Norwich Airport bar I got to go.All expenses at the hotel were paid apart from alcohol,plenty of profit was made by the hotel for that as everybody in our party were in the licensed trade apart from us,I have never seen so much alcohol drunk as I did that week.T.
Hi Shirley

My work colleagues and I won a holiday to Las Vegas about 3 years ago on Real Radio, everything was included flights, meals, limo pick up and a helicopter flight.

I also won £1000 of vouchers for a holiday of my choice via The Co-operative Travel a few years ago.

Maybe I should start entering competitions again :D


PS did I mention I also won a car once.
Yes I won five days in Paris in a raffle organised by a club to which I belonged, I was informed of my win by the Secretary who consequently did a runner, however the club which was rather a large organisation eventually honoured my prize and we had five wonderful days in Paris.
I always enter competitions to win holidays, cash and anything else worth having but haven't had any luck so far. Nowadays I only enter on-line, usually through the competitions section of HotUKDeals, which features a wide selection of competitions from newspapers, TV shows, etc., always with the answers. I've got a spare mobile number which I give if they insist on a phone number and also a spare e-mail address so my main one doesn't get clogged up with junk.
I won £2000 in travel vouchers a few years ago. They bought flights to Turkey and Antigua, and what was left went towards a holiday in Cape Town.
Well done Kalkanite. It's always a long shot but if you ain't in you can't win!
I've never won a sausage but It's funny you should say that Aslemma as my nephew said to me the other day about all the time I spend on the internet , why dont I enter on-line competitions . I do surveys and always read hotukdeals but have never noticed the competition section.

Will have to have a look as my nephew was telling me a lady he knows enters them all the time and has won 2 holidays over the last couple of years.

Go for it Lyn - it doesn't cost anything and, if you remember to tick the box to say you don't want them to contact you, you shouldn't get swamped with junk mail. Though I give my 'spare' mobile phone number if necessary I've never received unwanted phone calls or texts either.
My son and daughter in law won a wedding and a honeymoon, in a bridal magazine. They won first class flights to Boston where they stayed the night, then flights to Fort Lauderdale. They then boarded the Caribbean Princess for a 10 day cruise of the Caribbean, in a beautiful stateroom with balcony. They were married as they sailed into Oche Rios, Jamaica, by the captain. The only thing they had to pay for was the wedding rings! We watched them on the 'wed cam' as they took their vows. It was lovely. Still got the bridal magazine in which they featured afterwards.
I told my friend all about it and as she was getting married the next year, I told her to enter competitions in bridal magazines to see if she could win a honeymoon. She did and won a great honeymoon to Thailand!!!!

I have won 2 holidays. First one was with Thomson hols and the second one with Thomas Cook. Went to Tenerife first time and to Kos second time. Have tried a few competitions since, but my luck must have run out :(
Right I'm feeling lucky . Not interested in winning a TV or anything like that ,only interested in holidays . :rofl

you remember to tick the box to say you don't want them to contact you

How are they going to contact me to tell me I've won Aslemma . You could of won several already but not known about it . :rofl
After reading these replies I've decided to enter some of the on-line competitions that Hotdeals Uk show. Entered a couple last night.

Lyn - you need to give a valid telephone number for them to contact you in case you win. Fingers crossed ;)
Theres a whole forum on moneysavingexpert too shirley . Thats going to take some reading :rofl
Just type in competitions in the search at the top
Theres a whole forum on moneysavingexpert too shirley . Thats going to take some reading

Lyn, I think there'll be divorce in our house. I'm already spending far too long on here. Something else to spend time on then :rofl
My dad won an all inclusive holiday to Grand Canaria about 15 years or so ago for family of 4 over Christmas through the Daily Mirror it was fab we had travelling expenses paid to travel to Manchester airport and stay a night at a hotel before flying. Mike Baldwin from Coronation street was on our flight drinking all the champagne!! My dad always used to enter competitions and won prizes ranging from videos/dvds to electrical goods and once won a £1000 bet on the horses but the horse he backed lost! :cry The family used to buy him stamps, postcards and envelopes for Christmas and birthday presents as they knew how much he enjoyed the hobby! My mam also won a couple of radio competitions for make overs and personal shopppers for the day along with £200 spending money.
I won a 5 day break in Bruges once in a raffle.

I used to sell a few tickets every quarter for this charity. Well the last time I tried at work to sell them I got a very frosty response and literally no enthusiasm. Okay, fine I wasn't twisting anyone's arm, only asking! So I bought the lot myself - only £15 worth, that's all I was selling.

Anyhow. I won first prize.

Funny how then people at work were asking why I hadn't sold any to them!

Very nice it was too.
Won a weeks holiday at the Bitter End Yacht club in the BVI (Oct 2006) through a dive magazine survey - all inc. with free sailing etc - It was wonderful. :sun2

During our stay we agreed to "loan" the balcony of our accomodation to Boden Magazine (just once during the daytime when we were out sailing and diving) as they were photographing models for the summer brochure and we had the best view!!!!!! Funnily enough Hubby (now ex) nipped back to the room a couple of times that day for things "forgotten" lol.

If I won the lottery would love to go back - but for longer, as flight connections were terrible and it took an absolute age to get there - complete with over 5 hours hanging around in Antigua for a connecting flight to Tortola , three stops on the puddle jumper (including St Maartens which you may know from the famous photo of a KLM 747 inches off the sand of the beach as it lands) and then a boat to resort which has no road access!!!!

We looked right out across to Richard Branson's island (Necker). BVI in my opinion is the very best of the Caribbean. Stunning.
A girl I worked with won one of the GMTV phone ins, she went on an all-inclusive holiday for 4 in the Caribbean and had a fantastic time!

And I used to enter loads of competitions (when I had more free time) and have had a few nice free holidays as a result.......

A weekend in a caravan in Dorset (postcard draw)
A weekend at the Butlins hotel in Blackpool (filled in a form in my local paper)
A weekend in Paris (from a work competition to draft an advert for new recruits)
A week in Ibiza (from the Teletext holidays website, you had to write a short story about a holiday)
A week in the Maldives (from the Nivea website - answer a simple question and fill in the online form)

These were all about five years ago, I still enter a few comps but mainly online as it's quick and cheap (I used to set a budget of £5 per week for stamps......), but had no big wins since. And since going to the Maldives I spend a lot of my time online looking for good snorkeling holiday ideas :)

There's a competition website which lists current comps by prize category which I check out for holiday comps.... Worth a look!

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